Choosing the correct Lift & Tire Size for your Jeep

Just like choosing wheels and tires, the decision to lift a Jeep is not an easy decision. The wrong lift can dramatically affect the way a Jeep handles. Because everyone is different, first consider this one important question: What do you want to build your Jeep for? Looks, 4-wheeling or both? Will it be a daily commuting vehicle? Or will it be a dual-purpose vehicle, driving both off-road and on-road? Most new Jeep owners are most likely in the dual-purpose crowd, and a small lift would be just fine. This allows a weekly commuter, while on the weekends you can go out and do some 4-wheeling with friends or family. TuffTruckParts has some great info for you below.... “Most people think the higher they go, the better the lift. That they need higher ground clearance to clear bigger tires and four-wheel better. TerFlex information thinks the opposite. The lower you go, the lower you stay, and the more stable your Jeep is.

A nice starter lift is [33's tires with] a 2.5 – 3 inch lift.” 2.5" Lift However some people like to go a bit bigger. “Most Jeep fans love the the 3 inch kits with 35 inch tires combination look Image below.


Then you have the next step up some serious Jeepers love a 4 inch kit and 37 inch tires.


Then you get to the BIG dog club, now Clearing 40 inches tires is going to take a 6 inch lift. Best to add a Long Arm Kit if you decide to go this route.



Basically the tire size and lift kit of course go hand in hand. First, choose which tire to run, and then base the lift height off that tire size. Most Jeepers probably aren’t driving thousands of miles on the trail, and will want a Jeep they can drive around town or to work. Something that can run those daily errands like an all terrain tire. Now if your Jeep is solely just for weekend 4-wheeling then you would want to go with a all out mud terrain. Always speak to your TuffTruckParts representative when making your decisions.