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Affiliate program

Do you have a website, blog or form related to trucks, Jeeps, cars or anything in the automotive industry in general? If so, join the TuffTruckParts.com Affiliate Program for free and earn a 5% commission for every verified sale you send our way and boost your sites ranking to the first page of Google and Bing with our Linkpropel exchange program. We have worked very hard to optimize our site for high conversion and thousands of visitors which translates to extra money in your pocket and a higher rankings on the web. This is why we are ranked # 1 on Google for Custom Truck Parts and first page Google for hundreds of other keywords.

We currently carry hundreds of brands and over 300,000 products fueled by our very strong e-Commerce website with thousands of visitors. Also with two great South Florida brick and mortar locations and over 100 warehouse distributors around the country this insures our customers that they will be receiving their products within 2 to 5 days most with free shipping. We also strive to have the very best 5 star customer service in the business which has propelled us to the first page of Google for hundreds of top keywords. If you’re ready to climb the ladder with us and put your company on the first pages of Google and other top search engines it’s this easy! If you have a website, blog or form related to trucks, Jeeps, cars or anything in the automotive industry in general just place our link (https://tufftruckparts.com) on your website, blog or form. We will then add your company's link to our site as well which will begin the process of link juice between us. This may take some time but you will begin to see your ranking improve as time goes on by linking up with great companies like ours. Linking to the very best and strongest companies has a very strong benefit with your SEO and eventually will propel you to the top ranked positions in your niche. You must (Apply) to be qualified to start the linking process to link up with our # 1 ranked company and start receiving your 5 % commission.


TuffTruckParts.com 1st Page Google Rankings

Custom Truck Parts # 1

Custom Truck Accessories # 4

Off Road Custom Truck Parts # 4

Off Road Custom truck accessories # 7

4X4 Custom Truck Parts # 2

4X4 Truck Accessories # 9

Ford Custom Truck Parts # 7

Chevy Custom Truck Parts # 9

And hundreds more….


 Program highlights include:

. 5% commission on most products

. Back link form our # 1 ranked company

. Average ticket must be $300 or more

. 30 day cookie duration

. Sales and rebates to push products

. Free shipping on most products over $99






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TuffTruckParts Linkpropel cannot guarantee any ranking improvement based on sharing our link with any website. Ranking improvement has several factors as to ranking improvement as to great content, a great website and a great back link profile. Hard work and dedication to improving your website and online presence will help propel you to the top. Good luck and always look forward to the future of great online business TuffTruckParts.com. CEO Phil Gottes