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What are the Right custom Fender Flares For Your Truck or Jeep?

Did you just make it home with your new truck and now you need a little something to set it apart? Has your Jeep just been lifted to fit that big set of off-road tires? You may need a set of truck or Jeep fender flares. Fender flares not only add style to your rig, they protect the paint and body from rocks and debris that can get kicked up by your tires. Fender flares come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From the more subtle and sleek design of street style fender flares to the rugged pocket style that Bushwacker fender flares are known for.

Here is a breakdown of the different styles and their benefits.

Street Style

In general, street style fender flares are lower profile than the other options. They add some sleek styling and character to the fenders while still offering some protection. These tend to be the most common style of truck or jeep fender flares because they are the style that is used as the factory upgrade option for that right-off-the-lot look.

OE Style

OE style fender flares are made to reflect the factory styling of the vehicle and will often be painted to match either the truck or Jeep body color or match the secondary color of a two-tone paint scheme. Just like the other fender flares OE Style will offer some protection to the fenders while adding a subtle, custom touch. The advantage of OE style flares is that they still offer a factory-optioned look while not being as subtle as the street style flares.

Pocket Style Bolt on Look

This is the style that Bushwacker fender flares are most known for. They are named for the bolt pockets that line the outside edge of the flare. If you are looking for a set of custom fender flares for your truck or Jeep and want to add a rugged off-road style then these are the way to go. For the most part, the bolts in the pockets are just for looks but you will want to double-check the installation method when checking out pocket style fender flares. This style also offers more protection than OE or street style flares because the tend to be wider so that they can stretch out over those big, knobby off-road tires. There are many width options with these, so you will be able to get enough extension to cover just about any oversize tire.

Extended Style

If you have wide off-road tires and need a good amount of protection for the fenders but do not care so much for the rugged, off-road look of the pocket style flares, then the extended style fender flares are the ones that you will be looking for. Like the pocket style flares, the extended style come in a variety of extension widths so that they can be found to cover most tire widths. They give your truck or Jeep a custom and heavy-duty look but lose the "pop" that comes with the bolts of custom truck fender flares in pocket style.

Custom truck fender flares both can be found to fit any style you like even if their plain, textured or painted they will have the function that you are after, which can make for an overwhelming list of options to comb through. Tuff Truck Parts can get you set up with the right truck fender flares or Jeep fender flares for your vehicle along with all the other accessories you need to step up your custom look, performance and style on your truck, jeep or SUV.