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Choosing the right on road or off road lighting products

One of the most satisfying cool truck accessories you can add to your contemporary truck or jeep is LED off road lighting products. Of all the custom parts we sell, stylish aftermarket LED lighting, driving lights, fog lights or LED light bars seem to bring the some of the biggest grins to our customers' faces.

Before you buy, decide what options are right for your truck, jeep or SUV.

What bulb type fits your needs? When you read lighting descriptions, you'll see some of these terms.

Halogen bulbs, the standard car bulbs you know best, cost less and work pretty well. They use a lot of electric power, but as long as you're moving, that's seldom a concern.

LED bulbs, which cost more than halogen bulbs, are much more resistant to off-road vibration, water damage and minor collisions. They tend to last a very long time, making their cost less of an issue over the lifetime of the bulb. Our first pick out of any bulb would be LED off road lighting products with a 5 + star rating!

HID lights, the most energy-efficient option, offer higher-intensity levels of light discharge for the amount of power they draw.

  • Next, ask yourself what format of extreme off road lighting mounting option you prefer. Do you mainly want to beef up the output of your regular headlights? Are you using lights for other uses in off-road environments? What kind of roads will you be taking?

  • Flood Lights and fog lights mount directly on the bumper of your truck. They help you see just how torn-up that dirt track has become in front of you before you decide where they tires have to go, and they shine low on a flooded dip in the road.
  • LED Light bars look incredibly cool mounted to your roof. They illuminate a pretty wide path in the middle of the road, middle-distance in front of your truck, jeep or SUV. Generally, light bars can serve as both a spot light and a flood light. They will help you travel at a wider range of speeds.
  • Driving Lights is a term you'll see for some all-purpose products. These after-market accessories fall between the brilliance of a spotlight and the low, broad sweep of fog lights.
  • Spot lights illuminate along a narrower beam of brighter light. Usually, hand-held units will also fall into in this classification. You can see a long way, but it may be harder to scope out bumps in the road directly in front of you when you drive swiftly with a spotlight.
  • One more tip. When purchasing any off road lighting products for your vehicle always buy from a USA brand reputable dealer like Tufftruckparts.com. Buying LED lighting off Ebay or Amazon could turn out to be a very costly and a bad experience with most lighting products only lasting about 6 months until you have problems. Shop Tufftruckparts.com