Bull Bars & Grille Guards

June Newsletter

Truck Bull Bars Vs. Grille Guards, Which is Better for Your Ride?

So, you have started to deck out your ride with great custom accessories. However, if you want to protect your new or pre-owned vehicle as well as the driver and passengers, you need to consider truck bulls, or truck grille guards. This brings up 2 questions: Which is best? & What is the difference between the two? Let’s examine those difference and discuss which is best in any given situation.

Bull bars (A.K.A. truck bulls to us custom truck enthusiasts) attach at front center and swoop up to protect the bumper and the grille. This bolt on was actually developed to guard against cattle that tended to roam into rural areas, hence the name “bull.” This protects the core of your vehicle, but leaves either side of your front end vulnerable. This has the advantage of offering you protection, while not significantly changing the style of your ride. Again, good protection against unexpected collisions and obstacles, but better suited for driving on, rather than off, the beaten path. Some truck bulls extend higher than others, and are mounted on skid plates, so you can get a few extra inches of protection with the right model. Because truck bull bars protect a smaller area, it will not interfere with any additional front end accessories you might want to add to your ride.

Grille guards (originally called brush guards) definitely give the most comprehensive protection. These bolt on protectors do more than just protect the grille. From bumper to hood, a grille guard will protect your front end against damage that can be caused by unexpected obstacles. Yes, this is great for off-road action, but just driving down the highway and back roads has its share of danger as well. A deer could jump in your path or tree limbs and brush could be laying in the road from storms. Even rocks, grass, and mud can cause scratches, dents, and dings when you’re driving at normal speeds. With the added addition of brush guards, even your headlights are protected with good truck grille guards. For us custom bolt on addicts, almost every grille guard comes with pre-drilled holes or tabs to accommodate fog, driving, and off-road lights.

As was briefly mentioned in each description, which one you choose depends on where you are driving and how you want your truck to look. If you want to hold on to that street style, but still have protection, bull bars may be your answer. If you don’t mind the rugged look of a grille guard, and you like your down and dirty off-roading, then a grill guard may suit you best.

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