Rigid Industries, the Absolute Best Lighting on the Planet



Around the world, Rigid Lighting is known for producing the best LED lighting for vehicles and marine applications. In fact, this company delivers such high-quality Rigid light bars products that it is the go-to choice of law enforcement, Marines, and fire departments, in addition to off-roading enthusiasts and those who want amazing lighting on their Jeeps, SUVs, or trucks.


Getting to Know Rigid Industries


As such a big name in the world of automotive lighting, most people want to learn more about Rigid Industries. With major companies like Monster Energy and Toyo Tires behind Rigid, the company clearly excels at what it does. Otherwise, it would not have such strong support, both from businesses and individuals.


Those who use Rigid lighting will gladly tell everyone that they are stronger, brighter, and better than the competition.


Firefighters rely on Rigid products to maximize visibility, as visibility and safety go hand in hand. For fire departments, Rigid products ensure that when they arrive at a scene, they can function at 100 percent, as they can vividly see everything in the area. Rigid is the choice of firefighters to keep them, their team, and their community safe.


Rigid Industries also provides the lighting of choice for law enforcement teams, who similarly require a high level of visibility to keep the community and their teams safe. Thanks to the vibrancy and brilliance of Rigid Lighting, law enforcement officials can see clearly at night, just as they would during the day. The lighting is popular for all modes of law enforcement, from police cars to boats.



Off-road enthusiasts love Rigid for the ability to clearly see at night, letting them enjoy their 4x4 activities any time of the day. This way, you do not have to interrupt your fun when the night falls. This is especially true when you combine Rigid lights with Toyo Tires. To give an idea of the brilliance of Rigid lights, it is still visible from 14 miles away and 4,000 feet lower after an off-roading adventure during the day.



You can also get to know Rigid from the company’s perspective by watching a short video it created that showcases the various ways people use its products.


One standout feature from Rigid products that is definitely worth emphasizing is the warranty. Rigid lighting have a limited lifetime warranty. That means that if your Rigid Lighting breaks, you get a free replacement or repair for life. The warranty claim process is simple with a U.S. address, and the products are all engineered, designed, and tested in the United States. This warranty gives you an idea of how strong the products are. After all, Rigid trusts the products enough to cover them for life. This would not be cost-effective with lower-quality products, showing the quality of Rigid.


Rigid Industries LED Light Bars

 Rigid LED light bars let you choose from a long list of styles as well as lengths. You can find light bars that are anywhere from 2 inches to 50 inches in length, depending on your needs. The company offers 19 different styles of LED light bars and colors letting you get a bar that fits your vehicle and desires.



The Adapt LED Light Bars are the first off-road lighting products in the world to instantly change based on the driving conditions. These light bars have eight beam patterns to choose from, from the 90-degree beam for short distances to the 15-degree one for long distances.


The Capture from Rigid Industries stands out as the only LED light in the world that has integrated charging for GoPros.


The E-Series is among the most versatile offerings from Rigid, and the E-Series PRO has as much as 111 percent more raw lumens. It has also been recently upgraded in terms of performance and appearance. Or consider the Infrared Lights E-Series. There is also the E-Series SAE 6” Driving for on-road use.



The LED Scene Lighting from Rigid works using AC power, so you can take advantage of high-quality lighting. It has the latest LED tech as well as extreme output and rugged design.


The Radiance Plus light bar is a newer Rigid product, offering enhanced LED tech for 35 percent more raw lumens and high-grade aluminum alloy housings. These bars have optimized forward projecting optics and your choice of backlighting. You can also opt for the new Rigid Radiance Plus Curved model for a slightly different style.



Rigid revolutionized the industry with the RDS-Series. The RDS-Series PRO offers PROfessional Race Output with advanced LED tech to maximize power. The output is as much as 70 percent more raw lumens, so you get plenty of usable light. The related new RDS SR-Series PRO is a more streamlined version of the RDS Series, with low-profile and sleek lighting under 2 inches tall.


The SR-Series PRO offers a sleek profile that is less than 2 inches tall and has as much as 111 percent increased raw lumens for additional light output. You get to choose from beam patterns and patented Specter or Hybrid optics.


The SR-L Series Spreader is a newer product from Rigid, giving you a broad 120-degree beam pattern that provides illumination in a wide pattern, along with style and your choice of backlighting color.


For the ultimate versatility, there are also Rigid LED light bars offering variations of the already-mentioned products. For example, you can get an SAE Compliant version of the SR-Series. Those who want stealthy styling can choose the Midnight Edition of the E-Series Pro, RDS-Series Pro, or SR-Series Pro. There is also an E-Mark compliant version of the E-Series and the SR-Series.


The Rigid Industries Adapt LED Light Bar


One of the absolute best Rigid LED light bars is the Rigid Industries Adapt LED Lightbar. This light bar takes advantage of innovative technology that can adapt instantly depending on the conditions of the road. It also features ActiveView Technology, so the beam actively adjusts to the speed of your auto. This combination of features allows Rigid Industries to use its knowledge and tools in new ways. In creating this bar, Rigid Lighting aimed to revolutionize lighting by offering precision, visionary design, revolutionary tech, and superior execution.



The light bar was designed specifically to withstand the physical challenges that come its way, including on off-roading adventures. This comes via excellent durability, rigidity, and imperviousness to adverse conditions.


The resulting output from this Rigid LED light bar is bright and illuminative, making it easy to see regardless of the outdoor light, helping drivers “own the night.” Reading is one thing, but when it comes to light bars, many people want to see what they can do. To see the Adapt LED Lightbar in action, watch this video.


Rigid LED Pods


The selection of Rigid pod lighting is even more extensive, with 50 different products to choose from. This selection includes pod lighting for all types of vehicles as well as your choice of position.


One of the most popular types of Rigid pod lighting is the A-Series Accessory Light. This is a universal light that you can use nearly anywhere, including in boat cabins, vehicle cabs, under a vehicle’s hood, or in a work vehicle bed. The aluminum housing is compact and durable and offers simple mounting.




The D-Series Pro builds on the already versatile and compact D-Series with its professional-grade construction. LED technology advancements lead to even better lighting output. It also features multiple mounting options and can have up to 102 percent more raw lumens.


The Ignite Series is an all-new series from Rigid and is the most versatile. The lights are incredibly flexible with 1,000 raw lumens and your choice of Diffused, Flood, and Spot beam patterns. This makes it ideal for short-range light output. It even features a mounting bracket in the style of the Go-PRO, so you can easily find a range of mounts to choose from.


The Ignite Backup Kit is also incredibly popular, helping to ensure that vehicles have sufficient backup lighting. This kit lets Rigid provide drivers with powerful yet compact lighting. You get 1,000 raw lumens in just 1.4 by 1.4 by 2 inches. You can also use a surface or flush mount. The SR-M Series Pro Backup Kit is also popular, offering a sleek low profile and 3,168 raw lumens. For a full selection of backup kits, other options include the SR-Q Series Pro Backup Kit.



Rigid Mounts


Rigid Industries also offers an exciting range of mounts, with more than a hundred mounts to select from. Choose your style, then pick the size and color you want for the ultimate in customization.


The Flush Mount Buckets E-Series has welded stainless steel construction with a powder coat that is durable and UV resistant. It also includes a gasket to allow for sealed mounting.


There are also mounts for specific vehicles, such as the 2017 Super-Duty & 2018+ F-150 Single Fog Mount Kit, 2017 Raptor Triple Fog Mount Kit, and Jeep OE Mounts. There are also mounts designed for Nissans, CAN-AMs, Toyota, Polaris, and Spartan vehicles. These are perfect for those who want a solution that was customized to work for their specific vehicle. As with all other Rigid products, these will feature sturdy construction with features, such as 100 percent stainless steel and powder coating that resists abrasion and UV rays.


Some of the potential types of mounts include for the brows, fog lights, roofs, hoods, bumpers, shocks, grilles, and A-pillars. Nearly all of the Rigid Industries mounts and Rigid LED light bars are designed for a specific vehicle or several specific vehicles. This allows for customization and a secure fit, but it also makes it important that you choose the appropriate product. The only way to guarantee fit is by selecting a mount for your vehicle.




Consider enhancing the lighting on your vehicle with one of our products offerings from Rigid Lighting. Our selection includes something for everyone, regardless of your vehicle or planned activities. Shop TuffTruckParts.com