Fuel Wheels Cutting Edge Designs



A Full Range of Fuel Wheels


Fuel wheels are a must-have addition to any truck or Jeep. You can find great options for a range of different styles as well as personalized Fuel wheels if you need something more.


Fuel Off-Road has been creating amazing wheels since 2009 when the company was created by MHT Luxury Alloys, among the business’s most time-tested and trusted companies. Fuel Jeep wheels are known for offering cutting-edge technological advancements, designs, and fitments. The lineup shows off the latest innovations and designs.


Best of all, there are Fuel custom wheels for most types of vehicles, particularly Jeeps and trucks. Whether you want stock wheels or options like UTV or lifted, there are many choices available.




The one-piece Fuel wheels offer simplicity in their one-piece design. They are priced affordably and have a stylish appearance, working well in a range of applications. These Fuel Jeep wheels are perfect for going off-road. The engineers behind the range of one-piece Fuel wheels ensured that you enjoy a strong performance both on the road for daily driving and on your off-road adventures.


The one-piece Fuel truck wheels are always expanding in options, with dozens of new wheels now available. Choose from finishes like gloss black and milled, matte black, bronze with a black ring, anthracite with a black ring, platinum, matte black or matte anthracite with a black ring, matt bronze with a black ring, raw machined, dark tints, and other similar combinations. You will find yourself with dozens of styles to choose from depending on your preferences, and your choice of size and lugs. Between the vast options and numerous colors, you should have no issue finding a high-quality set of one-piece Fuel wheels that match your vehicle and your particular needs.




The forged wheels from Forge are incredibly sturdy as they are machined using monoblock forgings that are 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy. You can choose from between 20 and 30-inch diameters, offering a full selection of options to meet most trucks or Jeep. In fact, Fuel has the biggest forgings for lifted trucks available on the market.


The forged options are Fuel custom wheels as each order gets custom-made to meet the specifications of your vehicle. The standard design of these Fuel truck wheels features black or full polish, along with milled details. You can also get a range of specialty finishes that are completed in-house. These include multi-colored, two-tone, and powder coat options. You can even choose a paint that perfectly matches your auto’s color code. There are even some truly unique colors, such as Candy Purple, Candy Red with Polish Lip, and full-color Candy Red.


For further customization and appeal to all tastes, the Fuel forged wheels can be classic, concave, or step lipped. There are dozens of choices available within each of these categories, each with their own slightly unique styles.




Those who prefer two-piece construction will also find themselves with plenty of high-quality and appealing Fuel wheels to choose from. These two-piece cast wheels give you the appearance of a multi-piece forged wheel, but they cost just a fraction of what those would due to their two-piece construction. The two-piece construction of these wheels also allows for modularity. That gives Fuel the ability to offer independent custom finishes for the outer lip and the center. This results in a truly customized look that can be unlike anything else on the road.


For maximum customization, these Fuel custom wheels can feature chrome centers, powder coatings, and/or liquid paint, and can even include a contrasting finish along the lip. Essentially, the two-piece wheels give you twice the chances for customization, making them perfect for those who want one-of-a-kind wheels that stand out. As with all other types of Fuel wheels, there are dozens of amazing styles and sizes to choose from.


Deep Lip


If you prefer a deep lip on your wheels, then you will want to look at the Fuel Jeep wheels with deep lips. These are perfect for the most extreme of the lifted vehicles on the market. They are the perfect complimentary design feature to trucks filled with attitude and with large lifts.


The deep lip wheels are made from one-piece and are cast wheels, built to the same high standards as any other Fuel wheels. The extreme lip of the wheels helps match the extreme attitude of your Jeep or truck, especially those models that feature lift kits.


In terms of customization, you can choose from over a dozen deep lip styles with colors like matte black, chrome plating, black, and black and milled. Consider something with a machined face or milled elements incorporated into it to give you some extra style.




For a truly high-quality product that can meet all of your needs without compromise, the Dually line from Fuel wheels is there. Each of the products in this line started off as an exclusive Fuel forging. From there, the company custom makes the wheels, allowing for the creation of a direct bolt-on wheel that was customized for your specific vehicle to ensure a perfect fit. This way, there is no need to worry about spacers or adapters as everything will fit perfectly.


You can choose from a one-piece wheel, a two-piece wheel, or a custom forged application. Fuel also has Dually fitments for lifted, extreme, and street trucks with super single or traditional fronts. This way, there is truly a wheel for everything. As always, customize your auto’s appearance by choosing a wheel with your favorite custom finishing, whether that is a powder coat, liquid paint, or polished. The entire construction process occurs at Fuel, for quality control.


Fuel A/T Tires


In addition to the range of Fuel wheels, the company also offers Fuel A/T tires that are perfect for a range of applications. The Gripper is the most prominent of these choices, working with applications ranging from R17 to R30-inch. The Gripper was specifically engineered so it can handle the toughest conditions while off-roading. At the same time, it gives you the smooth ride and desired functionality when driving on an actual road.


Of the Gripper tires, the A/T is the most attractive for those all-terrain applications that you need, transforming your vehicle. These Fuel Gripper A/T tires have aggressive tread with a high-void and stiff sidewall. This design reduces the risk of bruises or punctures in the sidewall or under the tread. The pattern design is in the tornado style, which enhances grip as well as style. There is also an all-terrain pattern that maximizes tear resistance as well as grip on multiple road types.


The small sipes of the design reduce heat release and road noise while boosting the service life of the tires and your ride comfort. That deep treat maximizes wear resistance and there is double-layer, high-strength belt steel wire to maximize performance. The tires will always stay tight thanks to their unique airtight formula.


The Bottom Line


For a decade, those with exciting custom trucks and Jeeps have been driving around on Fuel wheels. Fuel produces its wheels in-house, allowing the company to ensure its high standards of quality are always met. There are also numerous ways to enjoy Fuel custom wheels, from the color to the design to the type of wheels they offer. Ready to add a set of Fuel Wheels to your truck or Jeep? Just contact TuffTruckParts.com and will make your truck or Jeep scream extreme!