Truck side steps are an incredibly popular addition to all the most popular trucks due to the height of these vehicles. With truck side steps or truck nerf bars, it becomes easy to get in and out of your favorite vehicle, both for you and anyone else you bring along for a ride.


In addition to delivering easy access to your vehicle, truck side steps and truck nerf bars enhance the appearance of your truck. Depending on the ones you choose, they can deliver that rugged and capable feel that you are in search of. Explore the best truck side steps, so you have a better idea of your options when on the road or off-road.


1. N-Fab



The N-Fab side steps are available in multiple lengths, including full cab, bed access, and wheel-to-wheel. You can also find these truck side steps in textured black, stainless steel, and glossy black finishes. Go with a Predator Pro Step to take advantage of the sturdy all-aluminum construction. That particular style also has a bigger step area featuring a dimpled step pad that ensures your foot will never slide, regardless of the weather. Or opt for Podium Steps with their all-new enclosed and expanded sure-grip step plate. Many of the N-Fab nerf steps have a single-piece welded construction to further ensure longevity and strength, giving you peace of mind. Some also feature a drop-down step design to maximize ease of access to the cab.


2. AMP



The standout AMP side steps are POWERSTEP, the result of research that makes getting into a truck a much easier job. POWERSTEP is an automatic running board that is electric powered. These truck side steps instantly extend as soon as you open up your door. When the doors close, it will immediately recede out of the way. This maximizes ground clearance, appearance, and aerodynamics in a way you cannot get with other truck nerf bars. The POWERSTEP from AMP also features all-weather performance and reliability that is legendary. The POWERSTEPs work well on nearly all vehicles, including those from Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Jeep, Nissan, RAM, and Toyota. Best of all, the electronic portion of this side step system is plug and play for quick installation.


3. Iron Cross Automotive



Iron Cross Automotive truck side steps span numerous styles, all of which are durable. Tube Steps are available as 3- or 4-inch diameters with a black powder coat or in stainless steel. The step pad area is slip-resistant for added peace of mind. The Patriot Board offers truck nerf bars in the same color options with the flag emblem and Folds of Honor Logo, and a portion of the sales benefit that foundation. This model also has a one-piece endcap to maximize durability and a 5-inch pad to maximize the step area. The Endeavor Board also features the 5-inch-wide step pad and nonslip UV-resistant step pads, but it delivers a luxury appearance. Plus Steps can be 54, 80, or 86 inches long and are adjustable, with the ability to remove them when going off-road.





Truck nerf bars from ARIES let you choose your finish, size, and tube profile. Every single one of the ARIES side steps is vehicle-specific, so the installation does not require drilling. Many also include VersaTrac, a system that allows for simple customization of your truck side steps. The ActionTrac running boards are powered and have two steps in a single unit. They are made with powder-coated aluminum. The retractable steps and their pivot points are all within the housing for all-weather functionality. RidgeStep running board steps are 6.5 inches, and the powder-coated steel construction offers excellent wear resistance. On the other hand, the 6-inch oval side bars are stylish and functional, featuring black end caps and nonskid poly step pads. You can choose from a black powder-coated aluminum and a polished stainless-steel finish.


5. Dee Zee



Select your Dee Zee side steps with a 3- or 4-inch diameter tube or with a 6-inch running board, among other options. The truck nerf bars from Dee Zee are available in either stainless steel or UltraBlack for most models, complete with 90-degree bends to hide the mounting braces, limited-lifetime warranties, and molded plastic step pads. Universal nerf bars are either frame-mounted to maximize strength or body/rocker-mounted to allow for fast installation. Truck side steps from Dee Zee include textured, Brite-Tread, and BlackTread models, with your choice of cabin length, a 6-inch-wide design, molded step pads by the doors, and NRT to inhibit corrosion on the textured black powder coating.


6. Go Rhino



Go Rhino has a full selection of truck nerf bars, including the Dominator D2 through D6, with the number corresponding to the width in inches. These range from 2½-inch steps with signature hoop steps to one-piece versions to modular variations to those with Dual-Step, the two-step hoop system. Go Rhino side steps also include the 1000 series, offering wide oval side steps that include the brand’s proven channel-mount construction and a U-channel mounting system. They are available in 4 or 5 inches. OE Extreme Side Steps offer the appearance of an OE part but with premium aluminum construction and welded-in chrome endcaps. Go Rhino truck side steps also include the 415 Series with a 15-degree bend and Classic Side Steps with molded step pads for traction.


7. Lund



Choosing truck side steps and nerf bars from Lund lets you select from oval bent or straight versions with diameters of 4, 5, or 6 inches. These nerf bars feature UV-resistant polymer pads and recessed aluminum frames plus preassembly, so the installation does not require any drilling. There are also wheel-to-wheel nerf bars with similar options and construction. Or you can choose Lund side steps, such as the Summit Ridge Running Board Kit with its wide profile for sure footing and stability, aggressive tread pads for traction, 304 stainless-steel components, durability, strength, and corrosion protection. Lund also has Terrain HX Step Extreme truck side steps with a 3-inch bar made from heavy-duty steel.


8. RBP Rolling Big Power



There are four main styles of RBP Rolling Big Power truck side steps, each of which is an excellent option. Grappler truck side steps work with the tow hitch and give you easy access to the bed of the truck while also covering the truck’s tow hitch. They feature a durable black powder coat. For more traditional access, choose the Hoop Steps to get into the cabin. These feature a single-piece cast, and the lack of moving parts maximizes durability and strength. They feature an extra-deep 3.5-inch step and hold up to 350 pounds. You also can consider the RX-3 and RX-7 Series truck nerf bars with a one-piece welded construction and their own patented mesh design.


9. Westin



Westin side steps run the full range from steps to truck nerf bars in varying sizes and thicknesses. The HDX Stainless Drop Nerf Step Bars feature black powder-coated stainless steel that resists corrosion and is die-stamped in strategic areas to maximize traction. They have a notched bar design and heavy-duty step plate, which is removable for cleaning. The construction is solid thanks to its one-piece design. The R5 Nerf Step Bars offer truck side steps with 5-inch-wide step areas and injection-molded polymer step pads. You can also opt for PRO TRAXX oval nerf step bars that are 4 or 5 inches and feature 30-degree factory-style bends and injection-molded polymer pads.


10. Raptor



The choices with Raptor truck side steps include curved oval step tubes in the OE style. Those particular truck nerf bars include 30-degree bends on either end in the style of OE ones, custom-fit applications, 4-inch-wide or larger step areas, and a rating of 500 pounds. Round step tubes from Raptor have 3-inch-wide raised steps in the style of a saddle and 350-pound ratings. They bolt right to the factory mounting points for easy installation. Truck side steps from Raptor include running boards that also bolt to the factory mounting point and feature slip-resistant step treads in the 6-inch step area.


Whether your priority with your truck side steps or nerf bars is form or function, the above brands should offer a side step that meets your needs and budget. From sport tubes and oval tube steps to wheel-to-wheel and cab-length bars and even power steps, these brands deliver highly functional and eye-catching truck side steps. Shop for all your truck side steps and nerf bar needs.