With 2019 already well underway, it is time to get the must-have truck accessories if you have not already done so. From leveling kits to suspension lift kits to stylish front bumpers, there are amazing truck accessories for your Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Nissan and Toyota truck. Check out these top eight must-have truck accessories for 2019, so you are not missing out.


1. Fabfours Matrix Front Bumper



The Fabfours Matrix Front Bumper works seamlessly on your Dodge truck, including the 2500 to 5500 models. It takes the features drivers love from the Vengeance Series as well as those from the Premium Winch Bumper to deliver a slim-fitting steel bumper. The bumper is sturdy enough to hold a 12,000-pound Winch, four-cube LED lights, and a 30-inch light bar without any issues. The design of the Fabfours bumper is extreme and aggressive, so you are sure to turn heads. The front bumper is also customizable with removable inserts that let you change the color, delivering truck custom bumpers. To work with your chosen LED lights, make use of the side-mounting tabs and slots. This bumper also features a lower cutout to increase the airflow, integrated sensor holes, and increased tire clearance. Contact TuffTruckParts.com for your Fabfours custom bumpers purchase.



2. Maxtrac Leveling Kits 



Those in search of high-quality truck leveling kits need to look no further than these Maxtrac leveling kits. The leveling kits are of superior quality, and all of the parts have been hand-fabricated within the United States. The Maxtrac leveling kits let you lift your vehicle so that you can get larger tires and wheels without sacrificing the smooth ride quality on the factory configuration. Best of all, these truck leveling kits are available for nearly every brand of truck, so you should have no problem finding one to fit your vehicle. Contact TuffTruckParts.com for your Maxtrac leveling kit purchase.



3. Westin HDX Side Steps



No matter the height of your vehicle, truck side steps are the perfect accessory, especially Westin side steps. These side steps are stainless steel coated with black powder that resists corrosion, ensuring a visually appealing product for years to come. That appearance is rugged since the steps fit tight on the rocker panel. You will notice the step areas are die-stamped stainless steel, which maximizes traction. Compared to truck side steps from other brands, these have more than two extra inches for your heel and toe. Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the removable step plates while the notched-bar design works with the heavy-duty step plate. The construction is solid with one-piece and installation typically does not require drilling. Contact TuffTruckParts.com for your Westin step's purchase.



4. Diode Dynamics LED Bulbs



The right truck LED bulbs can enhance your vehicle’s aggressive appearance and help you see at night no matter where you are. These Jeep LED bulbs are the new SL1 LED bulbs, which are made in the United States and engineered for performance. The output is street legal but vibrant in a way other brands are not, thanks to the advanced optical design software used to match the filament location perfectly. The bulbs undergo rigorous testing, including photometric test equipment. Additionally, a unique design means that these truck LED bulbs are able to fit in spots that competing bulbs will not, including in tight spaces or under dust caps without any need for modifications. Contact TuffTruckParts.com for your DD LED bulbs purchase.



5. Dee Zee Bull Bar


In the world of truck bull bars, the Dee Zee bull bars stand out as a hot accessory for 2019. This particular bull bar has rugged styling that delivers the durable protection you are searching for. The bull bar is the best way to protect the bumper from anything you come across, whether you are on or off the road. The aluminum construction helps with durability, as does the patented No Rust Technology black powder coat that goes on top. This adds yet another layer of corrosion resistance and ruggedness. The bumper guards even have a channeled design so that you can add additional lighting in the future. Contact TuffTruckParts.com for your Dee Zee products purchase.



6. AirLift Wireless One Air Bag System



Your accessories should also include an airlift system for trucks or Jeeps, and this is a great choice for a truck airlift system. The Wireless One 2nd Generation puts you in full control of the air springs in your truck or Jeep on the go at an affordable price. There are single path controls as the system inflates and deflates the right and left air springs equally. Control it via the free mobile app or the wireless hand unit. Installation is a breeze as you will not have to deal with any air lines to your cab. Using the device is also simple, especially thanks to the three preset memory settings you define. Contact TuffTruckParts.com for your AirLift system purchase.



7. SuperLift 2019 Suspension Lift Kits




With suspension lift kits, trucks can easily clear obstacles wherever your path takes you. These truck lift kits from SuperLift replace the suspension in your truck, giving you four inches of lift height. The kit includes everything you need, including all of the cross-members, brackets, spacers, u-bolts, steering knuckles, shocks, and other hardware. The accessory also comes with an instruction manual with detailed step-by-step instructions, so installation goes by easily, even for DIYers. With the kit, you can use wheels that are 18 inches or larger and fit tires as big as 35 inches. Contact TuffTruckParts.com for your SuperLift lift kit purchase.



8. Fuel Zephyr & Zephyr Beadlock Wheels



Last but not least this great lineup includes an awesome selection of Fuel custom truck & Jeep wheels. The Fuel Off-Road wheels are one-piece and designed to be tough, so you can hit the trail. At the same time, they work perfectly with your daily driving on the road and off-road. Choose from a range of  great sizes, colors, and styles like the (NEW) Fuel Zephyr wheels as there are Fuel wheels for just about everyone. Fuels selection of these truck custom wheels means that you will have plenty of choices, regardless of the truck or Jeep that you own. Contact TuffTruckParts.com for your custom Fuel wheels and tires purchase.


You can find all of these great truck accessories and more at TufftruckParts.com. We offer a wide selection of accessories and custom parts to enhance and customize your truck, Jeep or SUV. Browse our huge selection to see these and other accessories that will make your truck or Jeep scream extreme. Visit our custom builds page and check out our latest work at TuffTruckParts.