Correct Truck Shocks

Selecting the right truck shocks for your needs does not have to be a complicated endeavor. While it may seem intimidating at first, you can easily find the right 4x4 truck shocks if you know what to look for. Learn how to select your off-road truck shocks based on the most important factors. Keep the following considerations and steps in mind and you should have no issue finding the truck shocks that best meet your needs.

Understanding the Importance of Truck Shocks

Before you begin your research into the off-road truck shocks available, make sure you understand why they matter so much. These are crucial for off-roading adventures since they will absorb the energy from your truck’s springs. That energy gets converted into heat which is then dissipated into the atmosphere. That process means that you get improved ride comfort and handling performance with less suspension movement.

Comparing the Shock Designs


As you browse the available truck shocks, you will notice that there are several different designs or styles to choose from. Each has its pros and cons, but they all involve pistons moving through fluid as a response to the spring travel. This displaces the fluid via small holes within the piston. The fluid’s resistance slows the piston, so the springs slow as well.

Twin-turbo shock absorbers have both inner and outer tubes. The inner tube holds the piston while the outer tube has additional fluid and a bit of air. Gas-charged twin-tube shock absorbers are similar, but instead of air within the outer tube, there is a nitrogen charge. This eliminates the potential for foam to form if fluid and air accidentally mix.


Monotube shock absorbers have a single tube plus two pistons. One of the tubes functions as expected while the other is a dividing piston. That dividing piston keeps the nitrogen gas charge and the fluid separate. This is a popular choice for its ability to run cool and be mounted upside down.

Reservoir have main body shocks filled with fluid along with a nitrogen- or air-filled external reservoir. Compression of the shock piston pushes the fluid against the reservoir’s pressurized gas, resisting the movement and producing dampening effects.

Finally, coilover shocks have a shock body surrounded by a coil spring. This spring helps control suspension movement by supporting the truck’s weight. Coilover shocks can also be adjustable.


Choosing Shocks Based on Your Needs


When choosing from the above shock designs, any will be good, but some do better in certain situations than others. If you spend most of your time on the highway with just the occasional off-road adventure, twin-tube shocks are likely enough. These truck shocks can be affordable and you will have numerous options available. They will automatically adjust to the varying road conditions and deliver the comfort you want during daily drives.

If you want to go off-road and/or do so at higher speeds, consider 4x4 truck shocks like reservoir or monotube shocks. These will provide the heat dissipation you need to ensure your truck’s components do not overheat when traveling over large obstacles.

If you plan on towing or hauling, consider coilover shocks. The design of this type of truck shocks helps support the additional weight of your rig. Or you can just stick to any type of truck shock that is labeled as heavy-duty. You can likely also find some monotube shocks that fit the bill and give you the ride comfort needed.

If you prefer that your truck shocks focus on performance, then you will likely want something that is firmer and more responsive. This will help your suspension maintain its potential. Adjustability is also a good feature to look for in performance orientations since this lets you customize the firmness and response.


Brands to Consider


In addition to the above factors, you want to think about the brands that will work well for your needs when searching for off-road truck shocks. Try to stick to a popular, well-known brand as you will be able to trust their reputation, both for delivering the desired results and being compatible with your truck.

Some of the best brands you will find for truck shocks include Fox, King, Rancho, Fabtech, Bilstein Procomp. Each of these brands has a range of shocks available, each with their own unique features and ideal situations.

Vehicle Compatibility


The final thing to confirm before you choose your 4x4 truck shocks is that they will work with your particular vehicle. The vast majority of truck shocks from reputable brands are universal, but there are some exceptions to this rule. As such, you should always read the product description carefully to ensure compatibility. Contact us at with your vehicles information for correct fitment.

With your new knowledge, it is time to explore the various 4x4 truck shocks available so you can get the ideal off-road truck shocks for your adventures. You will be able to put your new truck shocks to use in no time. Visit us at for all your performance truck shocks and struts needs.