Only Fools Purchase Cheap LED Off-Road Lighting

No type of light is as effective or efficient as LED which is why a lot of offroaders and truck and Jeep enthusiast are making the switch to off-road LED lighting. No matter how experienced the driver or well-built the off-road machine, you can’t shred if you can’t see. Quality off-road LED lighting will light up the darkest night or deepest forest for you, allowing you the ability to make it to camp after dark, follow the trail in the poorest lighting conditions, and dodge obstacles that blend into the night.


Need to figure out what the trail is doing further down than your headlights can go, an LED spotlight can allow you 50 or 60 feet of visibility past your headlights alone. If you need something closer for rock crawling and problem solving, light bars and scene lights will allow you to see around your vehicle and make illuminated decisions close to your truck. For anything in between, there are upgraded LED driving lights and flood lights to help light the way and stay on the trail.


Before you go out and buy a cheapo Wal-Mart LED light bar or a no-namer off of Amazon though, remember you get what you pay for. Cheap off-road LED lighting may seem easy on the wallet at first, but it won’t hold up to the rough, tough, abusive conditions of the trail. You’ll want a light bar that is guaranteed to make it through whatever crazy crap you get into.

Garbage brand LED lighting costs you more

Whenever you see that cheapy LED light bar you might think you got a deal on, but that isn’t always the case. Cheap brands have cheap hardware and poor design, that’s how they keep their costs down so low. They also have waterproofing issues and loose several LED's in time. These costs add up until you’ve spent almost as much as you would have on a better brand.


That’s not all, either. Once you finally have all the hardware you need, and install the thing, it simply can’t last as long as a solid, well built, purpose designed lamp from a reputable brand. You’ll end up buying new lamps so often, that any savings you did accumulate will diminish over time with upkeep cost.


If you already have a cheapo LED light, don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to upgrade soon. Once you do, you’ll realize that nice LED lamps provide better, stronger, and cleaner light with better luminous. You won’t have to buy as many or replace them half as often. This will lead to you actually SAVING money in the long run.

Step up to the name brands

Since you’ll end up spending the money on replacements for the garbage LEDs anyway, you may as well take a look at some reputable LED off-road lighting brands. We do the research and carry only the best, because we don’t want you to waste your time. Brands like Rigid Industries and KC Hilites with their awesome and immediately recognizable spot lights, PIAA with their long standing reputation, and again Rigid Industries’ unmatchable warranty all deliver amazing, quality LED off-road lighting solutions that only cost more up front.


The reasons to buy from reputable brands like these is simple. Brands like Rigid Industries put a lot of purposeful design and care into milking every bit of light they can out of each unit. A solid light bar from Rigid Industries or other quality brands like ZROADZ or VisionX will provide enough light that you would require 2 or 3 from a knock off LED light bar brand to get the same illumination.


Not only will you not have to buy as many, but better brands tend to be easier to install, and a lot of them come with kits to wire them in. With cheap brands, you usually have to source all your own wires, fuses, and terminals leading to a bunch of micro costs and major headaches and a light bar that will only work for 6 months if your lucky. Also you will lose several LED's and most fill with water on a good day of rain.

Why Rigid Industries?

Nobody offers the warranty Rigid Industries carries. If it breaks for any reason, they will replace it free for life. It may be a larger upfront cost than other lights, but how often do you think you’ll have to replace your Wal-Mart LED light bar? With Rigid Industries, you probably won’t ever need a new one, but if you do, you won’t even be paying for the replacement with the unlimited lifetime warranty. Check out Rigid Industries VIEW POINT HERE and see the difference. Shop and Rigid Industries for the best off-road lighting on the planet!