The Best Off-Road Truck Shocks 2018

There's nothing like the thrill of extreme adventures in your off-road vehicle. Off-road drivers know that good shocks are essential for their trucks and Jeeps. Your shocks keep you steady through rugged terrain, making for a smooth ride and easy vehicle control. When you get that telltale bouncing, hard-to-control steering or increased stopping distance, it's time to replace them. There are many options but not all shocks are equal. Not sure that you should buy? Check out this guide to the best off-road truck shocks for 2018.

Fox Shocks

There's no doubt that Fox is one of the best when it comes to shocks.  Their truck coil over shocks are race winning, and whether you want the internal bypass or smooth body shocks, they're equally exceptional. Fox's line of 2.0 coil-overs IFP, 2.0 IFP, 2.0 reservoir, 2.0 stabilizer ATS and their 2.0 stabilizer IFP shocks with their Zinc plating gives Fox shocks a durable finish. Constructed with seamless steel bodies mean your new shocks are built to last under any condition. Light and compact, Fox gives your on road, off-road and race vehicles superior suspension without adding needless weight. Plus, your shocks are tunable, so not only will get a custom application for your vehicle, they will have a longer lifespan.  That's a big plus for frequent off-roaders and full on race vehicles.

Bilstein Shocks

Bilstein is one tough brand and they make some of the best truck shocks on the market. Their shocks like the 5160, 5165, 6112, 8125 and 8112 are known for their superior ride quality and long-term durability for on road, off-road and race vehicles. Not only that, they have units that work with older model Jeeps and trucks. Bilstein makes replacements easy and affordable with their bolt-on upgrades. If you prefer to do your own work, you can install a front or rear set in just a few hours. The result? Bilstein shocks deliver superior impact absorption and a smooth driving experience.  Their reputation is so outstanding that they even supply their shocks to OE manufacturers.

King Shocks

You can't go wrong when you go with King. They're resilient, reliable and one of the finest off-road truck shocks brands available. All of King's shocks are made 100 percent in the USA and feature high-quality billet materials. These shocks are for serious off-road adventures, whether for fun or competitions. King carries a great line of shocks like their, OEM performance series, reservoir, air bypass, performance and bump stops,  Their shocks increase the effectiveness of wheel travel by up to 25%. There's also no worry about King shocks wearing out before your truck does; the rebuildable design will last for your truck's lifetime. The fitment retro range starts in 1996, so you'll have no problem outfitting that beloved 2001 truck.  

Icon Shocks

Looking for more options for the best off-road truck shocks? Icon fits the bill. Unlike some brands, Icon builds systems for specific makes and models. The difference between these shocks and rebuildable shocks is that Icon engineers study every aspect of the vehicle's suspension, from a compact torsion bar to the spring energy from added lift. Then the engineers use those measurements to develop the ideal shock to handle those demands. The finished product keeps deflection to a minimum and delivers precise suspension control. Icon's customized fits keep the shocks in tune with your particular vehicle. Icon's line consist of their, aluminum series remote shocks, bypass, piggyback reservoir, reservoir coil overs, 2.0 and 2.5 series. Contact TuffTruckParts for just the right fitment for our vehicle.


Fabtech Shocks

Fabtech shocks have several features that distinguish them from their competitors and make them one of the best. The popular Dirt Logic shocks, for example, can be solid with no settling or breaking. They are preset with the correct preload so there is no bearing fatigue or axial shaft movement. Fabtech's shocks also have urethane bushings, which cut down on noise and rattling and give you a solid, quieter ride. A combination aluminum billet top cap/rod end with a stainless steel body produces shocks with exceptional durability. All their shocks are custom fit, too. What ever shock your looking for Fabtech superior line like their, Dirt logic shocks, Stealth shocks, Elite 2.0 or Performance shocks has you covered.


Pro Comp Shocks

Pro Comp offers some of the best off-road truck shocks around. Many of them are made with a specialized combination of parts, including a Twin Tube Nitrogen Gas Charged Cellular Gas Design. Ten-stage Velocity Sensitive Valving adjusts to fit your speed. Not only does it improve off-road performance and handling, it gives you a smooth highway ride. Heavy loads are no problem for Pro Comp shocks, either, because they deliver optimum load capacity every time. Procomp's line consist of their, Black series, Pro runner, MX6-R, MX-6, ES9000, ES6000, ES3000, ES4000 and last but not least their ES1000. Count on these shocks for high durability, efficient heat dissipation and great strength for your truck or Jeep.


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