truck suspension lift kits

Lift kits are the go-to accessory if you want extreme looks and offroad performance in your truck. Even a heavy-duty pickup turns into more of a monster when you add some inches to its height. Finding the  perfect truck suspension lift kits requires a bit of know-how because they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Available in 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 6, and 8 inches, they can dramatically affect the ride, look, and performance of your pickup truck.

 Body Lifts

Body lift kits on a 2017 or 2018 truck are a great option for drivers who want extra tire clearance and lift without a complicated install. Essentially, you’re just adding spacers and blocks between your body and frame to raise the height. You may want to go with a body lift if you want an inexpensive option that doesn’t mess with your suspension. You maintain your stock ride quality and have less hours and hours of mechanical work versus a bigger kit. If this isn’t the choice for you and you want a huge extreme mind blowing lift a full suspension lift kit is what would fuel your truck. For off-roaders and mechanics who like to keep it simple, the body lift kit is the way to go

What Is the Best Body Lift Kit?

When you’re looking for the best 2017 or 2018 truck lift kits you’re trying to find a factual answer to a matter of opinion. One exceptional offering is the MaxTrac Suspension Max Pro Lift Kit. This quality body lift set includes all the heavy-duty hardware you need to install it. There spacers are extra strong for added durability and the kit lets you clear a 33” tire. Maxtrac finds them self's among the very very few manufacturers that are able to provide all 3 types of suspension modifications on the market; lowering, leveling, and lifting. Their large line of lowered and lifted knuckles / spindles provide the cornerstone to many of their kits, providing true stock ride quality and comfort. With these ultra-durable, bulletproof products, it allows you to get any height you want from 3-7″, depending on what you want to throw in the mix. Matrax is a great choice for a lift that is easy on the wallet.

GMC truck lift kits

Leveling Kits

Just like in a construction project, leveling is the process of making your truck even along its length. If you take a closer look at your pickup, you can see that the back is actually higher than the front. A leveling kit raises the front to match the height of the rear and install pretty easy compared to full suspension lift kits. Leveling kits are popular with most trucks to give you a more aggressive look it but not as aggressive as a full suspension lift kit. The pluses are similar to the body lift kit: your truck drives similarly and the cost is very reasonable. On the other hand, since you’re matching the height of the rear end, you aren’t exactly raising your pickup to the nosebleed section. If you’re looking for a rugged look with added front tire clearance, you need a good leveling kit or jump up to a full suspension lift kit.

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What Is a Great Leveling Lift Kit?

ReadyLift is so confident in the performance of its 3.0 in. Front Leveling Kit that it come with a limited lifetime warranty. It not only guarantees that you’ll keep your factory ride, but also that this product will never break or fail. It installs much easier then a full suspension kit and less costly.

Complete Suspension Lift

If you want you're 2017 or 2018 truck so tall it scrapes the sky, you’re going to need a complete suspension lift kit. A body lift kit can really only raise a truck up to around 3” higher. Suspension kits can easily take your machine up by four, six, or even eight inches. When it comes to Chevy truck lift kits, many owners love the sky-high beast suspension lift kits can create. Most drivers prefer the look of the complete suspension lifts, but they do have a few disadvantages. An 8” lift can make even tall drivers feel like they need a step stool to get into the driver’s seat. They’re also more prone to rolling over, so you should get a feel for the new handling characteristics before you do anything too extreme. The bottom line is that a complete suspension lift kit is perfect for an extreme look.

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What Is the Most Popular Complete Suspension Lift Kit?

Skyjacker remains among the most popular with their "get it up high" 2017 & 2018 truck lift kits manufacturers among truck owners. Its Rock Ready Suspension Lift Kit is a rock-solid set that comes with a limited lifetime warranty. You’ll love it for the superior flex and articulation it provides. It does this while raising your pickup an almost impossibly high eight inches.

Extreme Looks and Performance

Whether you’re looking for some extra tire clearance or a complete remodel of your machine with a new 2017 or 2018 truck suspension lift kit we have you covered. Find exceptional suspension manufacturers such as Skyjacker, Fabtech, Maxtrac, Pro Comp, ReadyLift and Rancho and more at excellent prices. Contact us will make your truck or Jeep scream extreme!