Get Your Motor Running! 5 Awesome Tips for Diesel Truck Drag Racing 2018

With the summer sun high in the sky and the dangerous road conditions of a harsh winter in the past, what better way is there to test out those diesel performance parts and modifications than to engage in drag racing If you have the need for speed and are craving to see just how fast your truck can go, there is no better hobby. But before you jump right into line, you need a little insight on what to expect. We've got you covered with the five awesome tips for diesel truck drag racing

Stay in four-wheel drive.

Traction is everything and two-wheel drive just isn't going to cut it. With a diesel truck's capability to build a great deal of boost and store an impressive amount of torque, opting against four-wheel drive is signing you up for a major burnout rather than finding traction and going. So if you've got it, lock it.

Know your boost level.

Knowing the amount of boost will help you reach your truck's potential elapse time rather than being a longer as too much boost could make your front end hop or your tires spin where as too low of a boost will prolong your take-off. Generally, single turbo trucks only need about 10-12 psi of boost while others with more compound setups and extreme turbo products range anywhere from 15-30 and more psi of boost. Or like Banks Power GMC Sierra back in the day another in a string of racing vehicles created to display both Banks high engineering standards for the creation of all its products and the innovative nature of the company as a whole. Just as the Banks Dakota Sidewinder, which still holds Bonneville land speed records, including the world’s fastest pick-up, proved that diesel can break stereotypes for diesel performance, the GMC Sierra represents a significant part of Gale Banks, General Motors Drivetrain

Green doesn't always mean go.

When you and your opponent line up, you'll see a set of red, a set of green, and three sets of yellow/amber lights. Even though the green light marks the correct starting time, the last yellow light is actually when the reaction timer starts, so once you see that third yellow light brighten, it's go time! It might take some practice to get the best elapse time though, so don't get discouraged if you have to make a couple passes before getting it right.

Mind your manners.

There's a fine line between being competitive and being rude; this is no different in the world of drag racing. Being courteous and practicing proper racing etiquette means not triggering the pre-stage and stage bulbs by driving up too quickly and taking turns lighting bulbs so no one's rushed through the staging process. Also, be sure to listen to officials about lining up, when to run, etc.

Some final pointers to keep in mind:

Now that you're aware of the main key points , let's discuss some simpler, yet essential tips to ensure your best drag race experience. Firstly, you should see if your local track has specific safety requirements such as bringing a helmet. Secondly, wear the right wear! That means no flip-flops and no shorts! Thirdly, make sure your truck is in tip-top shape by clearing any loose and unwanted items from the bed, there's no cracks in the windshield or leaking fluids, and keep your tires aired down. Lastly, have your time slip ready for when you reach the end of the track and if there are any complications before you get there, always pull over along the guard rail.

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