Truck Accessories Make it Extreme

Personalize Your Truck With Aftermarket Truck Accessories

Getting a new truck takes pickup lovers back to Christmas morning like a new bike under the tree. Just like the kids who want to add a horn, custom handle bars or some pegs to their bikes, truck owners want to ramp up their rides with aftermarket parts like truck accessories. Drivers who want more performance and upgraded horsepower can ad a new air intakes, performance exhaust systems, performance programmers, and more. They can also change the look of their ride by including truck accessories like lift kits a custom grille, or a set of aftermarket wheels. truck accessories are perfect whether it’s time for some extra muscle under the hood, a little movie star appeal on the outside, or a bit of both.


Ford truck accessories

Custom Truck Accessories

The sheer variety of truck accessories is bound to delight those who take pride in making their vehicles their own. Here are some examples of Chevy truck accessories, Ford truck accessories, Dodge truck accessories and Toyato truck accessories and what their owners may do to make their rides extreme include:


Custom Wheels are, quite literally, where the rubber meets the road. They are also where style meets performance, potentially upping the load capacity while giving the truck a head-turning look. (

When it comes to aftermarket wheels, a driver’s main decision is the choice between aluminum and steel rims. Both have their strong points, so owners should decide what they intend to do with their trucks before picking a material.

  • Aluminum wheels are lighter than their steel counterparts. This reduces the overall weight of the vehicle, allowing your horsepower to go toward acceleration, hauling loads, and towing trailers. Many drivers feel that the lighter weight improves their handling and provides a smoother ride as well.
  • Steel wheels are much stronger than aluminum rims. Many off-road aficionados prefer steel because there’s less chance of the wheel experiencing a catastrophic failure. Although they’re heavier, some riders are willing to trade the reduced agility and acceleration for better grip and a lower center of gravity.

No matter their material, most wheels come in either a black or silver color. This purely cosmetic decision lets owners choose a look that goes with their paintjob or overall style.

Aftermarket Air Intakes

Custom air intakes are incredibly popular with the do-it-yourself gearhead crowd. These accessories can provide a tremendous performance boost, install easily, and are relatively inexpensive. Many budding home mechanics make an air intake their first custom truck accessory.

A truck’s air intake is like the bellows of a blacksmith’s forge, delivering oxygen to the burning fuel to create more intense performance. While most OEM intakes are cheaply made and mass produced, aftermarket models are designed to increase the amount of air an engine receives. This will lead to added performance for their ride. There are two main types of custom intakes.

Dodge Ram Truck accessories


  • Cold air intakes bring denser air with more oxygen to the engine. The engine heats up the air around it, making it expand and thereby diluting the amount of oxygen a truck takes in. Cold air intakes have long tubes to suck in air away from the warm engine.



  • Short-ram intakes have a wide diameter pipe with a smooth inner surface to get more air to the combustion chamber faster. Although they are typically positioned close to the engine, more air gets delivered faster than an OEM intake, creating better airflow. In addition, many feature heat shields around the air filter to allow the short ram to take in colder air compared to a stock filter.


Whichever sort of intake owners prefer, they can be sure to enjoy more power and better fuel efficiency from their pickups. These truck accessories intakes will attract some attention when a driver lifts the hood.

High-Performance Exhausts

On the other end of the intake is the output. For owners who choose to install accessories like aftermarket air intakes, there’s no reason not to add on a custom exhaust. Dirty emissions that aren’t exchanged prevent the oxygen-rich air from reaching the engine effectively. Just like the intakes, OEM exhausts don’t take advantage of better materials and designs because they’re more expensive to manufacture. There are several aftermarket exhausts available to at-home mechanics, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Cat-back exhausts replace everything from the catalytic converter on back. For owners who are just dipping a toe into the field of customization, this will probably be the preferred model. It allows for better exhaust without the potentially difficult hassle of reworking the truck’s emissions standards.
  • Header-back exhausts can create a more dramatic uptick in performance by replacing everything in back of the exhaust header. While this requires a little more technical know-how to get right, there is plenty of information available to interested parties.
  • Turbo-back exhausts are identical to header-backs but designed to work with turbocharged vehicles. For owners with turbocharging for their trucks’ engines, this style is pretty much a must.

Chevy Truck accessories

Beyond performance, the exhaust can significantly change how a truck looks and sounds. Monstrous exhaust tips or slick, chromed ends provide the perfect statement for a pickup that’s not afraid to show it’s custom. For owners that want to unleash the thunder, aftermarket mufflers can shake the heavens with their mighty boom.

Lift Kits

One of the most dynamic changes for a truck is the installation of truck accessories like a lift kit. Raising a pickup gives it a distinctive look that raises it above all the cars around it. Lift kits can raise the body of a truck anywhere from one or two inches to full-on monster truck status. There are two kinds of lift kits depending on how high an owner wants to go.

  • Body lift kits are the milder of the two, giving 1-3 inches of clearance for the truck. This provides more space for your tires without making it necessary to install new shocks or drastically changing how the truck performs. These kits are relatively inexpensive as well. As for downsides, body lift kits are time-consuming to put in and increase visibility of the less-than-attractive frame.
  • Suspension lift kits allow drivers to lift trucks as high as their imaginations. While most owners don’t want 10-foot wheels on their pickups, suspension lifts are necessary for everything above around 3 inches. The added suspension lets the tires articulate with some independence, giving more movement in off-road riding. If a driver is willing to spend the money and climb into the truck, the suspension lift kit is the way to go.

Both lift kits make it more difficult to get into the truck, so an owner should consider installing running boards along with the lift kit. The extra boost is extremely helpful for shorter passengers or children who need to get into the truck. Drivers can choose from everything including truck accessories like a inexpensive bolt-on side steps to electronic running boards that retract under the truck when not in use. These are great accessories that can bring your truck to the next level.

Toyota Truck accessories

Customization for Every Owner

Trucks are the most versatile vehicles, able to do everything from commute to haul cargo. Whatever owners choose to do with their trucks, there are truck accessories that can make their lives eaiser Contractors can get more work done with practical toolboxes, gearheads can modify their ride’s performance, and even ranch hands and families can benefit from front and rear bumpsr protection. Owners who choose to adapt their truck with custom parts and truck accessories will not only enjoy the advantages, they’ll discover it’s relatively easy and affordable to make their rides extreme.

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