2018 ford trucks

Ford’s All-Around Favorite

Ford trucks tend to inspire exuberant loyalty in their fans and grudging respect in their competitors. Ford fans already have the answer to, “what is the best truck in 2018?” The F-150 is Ford’s full-sized powerhouse that’s as tough and reliable as an old cowhand. Drivers will appreciate the beefy engine, excellent driving position, and outstanding towing and hauling capacity. F-150 truck parts tend to experience minor changes from year-to-year before making a huge leap to the next generation of truck designs. The 2018 is a slight change within the current generation. Updating the engine won’t convert the haters, but fans will love the fully modernized powertrains and custom truck parts.

Performance and Handling

This is why people buy Ford pickups. The F-150 demolishes other full-size trucks in nearly every category. The acceleration is quick and responsive; while most drivers probably won’t drag race other trucks, they could clean up in quarter-mile races if they did.

Cornering is another spot where this pickup shines. Top-heavy trucks can feel as if they’re ready to roll over on every turn, but the F-150 stays reassuringly flat. While this truck won’t be mistaken for a sports car, it handles curves better than even its closest competitors. The combination of great handling and exceptional visibility keeps drivers from feeling nervous as they slide through traffic.

The F-150 brakes with authority. A full-size truck is a load to stop, especially with heavy cargo or a trailer. The brake pads bite firmly with every push of the pedal, providing extra distance in case of an emergency.

The ride quality of this truck is average with a comfortable, but not incredible suspension. While a little bumpy on rough roads, expect a smooth glide on decent pavement.

Fuel Efficiency

Even with their power, Ford turns in positive marks for fuel-efficient engines. The 2018 models have yet to be tested by the EPA, but the improvement in design suggests they’ll at least match 2017 numbers. While the 2017 F-150 5.0L V8 turns in middle of the pack numbers at 14 mpg city and 19 mpg highway, the real head turner is the 3.5L twin-turbo V6. Using just 17 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway, the V6 saves money over its V8 counterparts. While it may lack their power, it actually produces more torque. F-150 truck accessories can further punch up this dynamo of an engine. Prospective buyers may be disappointed in the diesel if they’re asking, “when do 2018 trucks hit show rooms?” Diesel is unfortunately not available until the spring of 2018, making it difficult to project.

Tech Connect

The optional Sync 3 tech on the F-150 is simple to use and sure to enhance the driving experience. The typical USB, AUX input, and voice command features are all standard, but owners will need to pay more for any extras. 2018 is also the year Ford is making the jump to include 4G LTE and mobile Wi-Fi hotspot creation. The main knock against the Sync 3 is the relatively slow response time; drivers will probably want a passenger handling anything done on the touchscreen.


Like most full-size pickup trucks, the F-150 has plenty of storage capacity. Ford has done little to differentiate itself from the pack in this regard, but neither have other manufacturers. There is very little actual separation the relatively large capacity Toyota Tundra from the relatively small Ram 1500. Apart from a few insignificant changes in configuration, pickups have around the same amount of storage in the bed, backseat, and various interior pockets.

Power, Performance, and Reliability

What is the most popular truck in America? The F-150 is the best-selling vehicle for a reason. More than just brand loyalty, this truck is excellent or above average in nearly every measurable category. The only way for owners to improve on it is through the addition of some tufftruckparts truck accessories and F-150 custom truck parts.