Jeep Lift Kits Suspension [Beginners Guide]

Thanks to its pivotal role in World War 2, Jeep has the reputation of a "go anywhere" vehicle. However, even the old vehicular veterans needed a few modifications depending on where they were going to serve. These modifications included raising the body up a bit, still popular today as for Jeep Lift Kits Suspension.

Most new Jeep owners only know that they want their Jeep to ride high. Simply raising the body, however, is a recipe for disaster if you don't understand what's needed and why. To help you make informed and safe choices, we offer you this Jeep Lift Kits Beginners Guide.

Safety First!

There are many Jeep accessories on the market to fit any budget. Remember, though, that low-budget parts from the market place like Ebay and Amazon often aren't as durable as higher-priced parts. If it's a simple cosmetic item such as fender flares, go with what you like and can afford from a trusted site with great reviews. Major mechanical parts like springs, shocks, electronic stability systems and lift kits, however, should be selected for how well they do the job. Many times it's worth waiting to have the funds for a higher-quality part from a top rated reparable dealer like

Types of Lift Kits

  • Body/Suspension Lift Kits - Body lift kits are spacers that increase the ride height of your body by raising your springs. They generally range from 1 to 3 inches. Remember a Jeep Lift Kits Suspension raising the body could also require modifications to systems such as the transmission mounts, differential mounts and transfer case or your steering linkage. The higher the lift, the more you may have to modify.
  • Budget Boost - The "Budget Boost" or "Economy" lift kit /leveling kit provides a lift of 1 inch to 3 inches. Many kits provide only the spaces for the structs and springs, but others may include rear blocks. This is fine for up to 33 inch tires.
  • Coil Spring Lift Kits - These kits are longer and/or stiffer springs. They generally lift you from 2 to 4 inches. Some come with longer shocks, brake line extensions, bump stops, track bars, and sway bar links.
  • Short Arm Lift Kits - These contain everything found in the coil spring lift kit, but also include longer, adjustable control arms for the front and rear. They generally raise you from 2 to 5 inches taller, but others can go even higher. Short arm lift kits give you a higher ride than the coil spring kit without having to do a lot of additional drilling, cutting or welding.
  • Long Arm Lift Kits - These kits will raise your ride height by 3 to 8 inches. They require extensive modifications including new control arms, brackets and sway and trac bar extensions. A longer drive shaft or extension is usually a must-have for one of these kits also.

Other Considerations

Lifting your Jeep over 3 inch involves more than elevating the body and putting beefier suspension on. Other factors that are affected include:

  • Voiding your OEM warranty if you have one, your speedometer, which will not display the correct speed if you increase your wheel/tire size. Must upgrade TPS sensors.
  • your axle gearing, which will provide less power and use more gas if it's not changed out or upgraded.
  • in Jeeps from 2007 and newer, ensure that the transmission "limp home" mode and the electronic stability program still function as normal. May require CMU upgrade on newer models.

Take Pride In Jeep's Heritage

In World War 2, the Jeep quickly developed the reputation of a go-anywhere-do-anything reliable workhorse. Today, Jeep carries that same reputation as owners build them for sure-footed rides to the store as well as rock-climbing, unstoppable beasts. If you decide to continue this tradition, make an informed choice for your modification of your Jeep Lift Kits Suspension and contact us when you're ready at