The Ford F-Series truck line has been a mainstay of the auto industry since the company celebrated its golden anniversary in 1953 by introducing the revamped F-100. These four-wheeled workhorses never looked back and the F-150 has been a staple of the market. Since 1977, the Ford F-Series has been the best-selling line of trucks in the country. While the Raptor has remained mostly the same since Ford introduced this second-generation version, the F-150's radical twin receives an upgraded suspension for 2019. The new Fox Racing adaptive dampers are standard, and they automatically adjust in real time as driving conditions change. The Raptor also gains a low-speed cruise control called Trail Control, which makes climbing rocky terrain and other off-road obstacles easier for the driver. The rest of the updates include new paint colors, a new wheel design, and optional Recaro front seats for added support and style.

For 2019, Ford is turning the truck industry on its ear again. The 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor is one of the most highly anticipated releases of the new vehicle season. Making the most of its advanced twin turbo technology, the Raptor rips a screaming 450-hp with it's twin-turbo V-6 that lurks beneath its hood. Operate its paddle-shifted 10-speed automatic properly and its sophisticated drivetrain will rocket the Raptor to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds. I The acceleration on the test track is 0-60 in about five seconds. Early reviews are raving about the truck's flexible reactive suspension and handling both on and off the road.

While even the stock model will be loaded, a line of cool truck accessories styled for the F-150 will let owners customize their Raptor to fit their individual tastes and needs. From appearance enhancing fender flares to lift kits, suspension parts, and performance brake pads, owners will find all the gear they need to make the Raptor into the truck they've been waiting for.

Dealers have the best problem ever, with high interest as they field the deluge of pre-orders. Many are already turning customers away as they bump up against factory allocation limits. The Ford website took 90,000 hits on its pre-build application with the Super Crew leading the pack on the first ten days after the announcement. Ford report that interest and demand are outpacing all other performance vehicles by a factor of five with dealers and potential buyers alike. Popular performance vehicle dealers report hundreds of potential buyers on their waiting lists.

Off-road drivers are sure to love the Baja Mode which tweaks the ABS and stability controls to make the Raptor a beast in soft sand. Accessories like chase cages and bumpers add to the look, safety, and functionality of the truck when drivers take it off-road. Car and Driver says it straight - the 2019 F-150 Raptor fulfills the challenges and thrills better than any vehicle in its price class and "driving this truck off-road and at max attack is as exhilarating an automotive experience as you’ll find."

Choosing cool truck accessories is about far more than looks. Savvy buyers and racers want the gear that also enhances performance and handling. Tuff Truck Parts is dedicated to customizing only the best of the best award-winning performance trucks and Jeeps. Contact us to see the updated selection of fast-and-free- shipping accessories for the 2019 Ford Raptor and to discuss what appearance and performance gear will take your Raptor to the next level.