2018 GMC trucks

GMC’s Rockstar Heavy-Duty Pickup

The 2018 GMC Sierra HD is a football player at a press conference; power and agility sheathed in style. What is the best-looking truck in 2018? The only reason movie directors wouldn’t feature this truck in their films is if they were getting paid to advertise for the competition. More than just its form, this monster of a truck with it's serious Duramax diesel functions with its 445 horse power engine. Both the 2500HD and the 3500HD get the full use of well-designed GMC truck parts. Its handling gives drivers the maneuverability of a much smaller truck.

Performance and Handling

This tremendous beast rides high and weighs around three tons, so it’s always going to have some rough edges. Despite this, the Sierra HD is a pleasure to drive for a heavy-duty truck. The ride is surprisingly smooth even on bumpy roads and it doesn’t lose much comfort when towing weighty loads.

Its cornering is well above average, driving circles around even the nimble Ford F-250. Obviously, the Sierra 3500HD feels a bit clunkier than the 2500HD, but neither vehicle moves like the tanks of yesteryear.

HD truck lovers may have found the answer to, “what is the fastest truck?” Car and Driver found the Sierra HD was nearly three seconds faster than the Nissan Titan XD in a 0-60 test. C/D found only the Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD was quicker in the 0-60 and quarter mile runs while the Sierra HD edged the Chevy in the 50-70 mph race. Gearheads will find performance only improves after installing a few GMC truck accessories.

Fuel Efficiency

As drivers of HD trucks already know, these vehicles don’t sip fuel like a hybrid car. Testing these goliaths would only depress the EPA, so it doesn’t bother. While this makes it hard to give a reliable answer for fuel efficiency, one can get a general idea from independent testers.

Car and Driver uses a 200-mile circuit mimicking general highway driving to evaluate how a machine burns fuel. The diesel Sierra 2500HD Crew Cab was found to use about 18 mpg, which was only 1 mpg fewer than the much smaller and lighter Chevy Silverado 2500HD Double Cab. This driving was done unloaded and unburdened, so expect a lower figure when it’s pulling weight.

Tech Connect

GMC vehicles utilize the easily understood IntelliLink system to run their smart features. Users can learn the functions quickly without getting stuck on the settings menu. The 7-inch touchscreen is standard while owners can upgrade to the 8-inch if they prefer. While USB and AUX inputs are standard, voice commands are, surprisingly, only available as an additional option. Apart from this omission, the Sierra HD should satisfy, being compatible with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and other typical options. Luxuries such as a wireless charging station or 110-volt outlet can also be added.


If it can’t be hauled in a heavy-duty truck, it’s time to rent a semi. The Sierra HD is no exception, providing enough room for a closet full of luggage in the backseat while still having space for most of the living room furniture in the bed. Interior cupholders and a cavernous center console could hold the contents of an entire junk drawer.

What truck can haul the most? In terms of towing, the brawny horsepower and torque of the Duramax diesel translates to about 23,300 lbs of towing capability. While this may not equal the Ford F-250 or Ram 2500, chances are it already exceeds anything most drivers regularly haul.

Beautiful Lines and an Outstanding Engine

GMC’s heavy-duty offerings both have solid power in a prettier package than any competitors. Drivers will appreciate the refined control and passengers will love the comfortable ride. For owners who are looking to up their torque, tufftruckparts custom truck parts can bulk up their trucks’ muscles. While the Sierra HD hasn’t gotten much love from buyers, its good looks and consistently high performance seems likely to change that.