Truck Performance Programmers

Performance programmers

How Performance Programmers Can Take Your Ride to the Next Level


You’ve outfitted your ride with every high-performance accessory known to mankind. Cold air intakes, improved exhausts, and specially designed tires can help you get the most out of your truck, jeep, or SUV. The accessories that most owners miss are the same ones that can help tie everything together: performance programmers and modules. Modern automobiles are designed for the average driver. Everything from engine size to your vehicle’s computer settings are carefully calculated to appeal to the widest market possible. For drivers who want to push the limits of their machine, programmers and modules are like taking the handcuffs off your vehicle.


Vehicle Programmer and Performance Module Benefits


Performance programmers and modules (also known as performance chips) more or less work in the same way. These devices are designed to modify the parameters of your truck, jeep, or SUV’s onboard computer to improve performance. This can include everything from more powerful towing to better acceleration and extra horse power to your ride. The parameters that can typically be modified include:


  • Power output
  • Torque
  • Speed limiter
  • Fuel economy
  • Air/fuel ratio
  • Fuel consumption curves
  • Ignition timing
  • Recalibration for aftermarket tire
  • Recalibration for rear end upgrades
  • Shift points and shift firmness
  • RPM limiter


Programmers vs Modules


Performance modules or chips are the easiest way to get more out of your vehicle. You plug them into your electrical system and they do the rest. Modules take the information from your ride’s computer and automatically adjust specifications to increase performance. They have been programmed to your machine’s exact parameters, with different chips emphasizing different priorities. Their advantage is essentially the same as their disadvantage: they don’t require any input from you to work. While they enhance your vehicle automatically you also have little room for customization.


Programmers are essentially small computers that plug into your OBD-II Port. They allow you to manually adjust your parameters to whatever emphasis you want. You can better account for modifications you’ve made and driving conditions. You can also change your parameters whenever you choose; emphasizing power on one ride and fuel efficiency on another. Programmers tend to be more expensive than chips because of their need for greater capability. They also require more user input and therefore more knowledge to use.


Choosing the Best Device for Your Vehicle


Ultimately, the best way to make a choice about which programmer or chip to get is to look at your goals. There are units available for nearly every truck, SUV, and jeep, whether gas or diesel. If you want more performance with less hassle, modules are the way to go. As mentioned previously, modules are incredibly specific when it comes to your make, model, year, and performance preferences. If you’re after better towing ability for your truck, start by looking at modules with that priority.


For drivers who want the ultimate in customized settings, performance programmers are the best choice. Although they don’t have the specialization that chips feature, many programmers still come with unique options. Some may offer access to all specifications while others may limit what you can modify. If you don’t feel the need to alter RPM limitations, there’s no need to find a model with that component. You should also check to see how a programmer interacts with aftermarket parts. While most are designed to handle truck air intakes and other common modifications, some work better with stock parts.


Completing Your Customization


Personalized rides provide a satisfaction that other hobbies can’t match. Creating a functional masterpiece of accessories requires imagination and careful planning. While aftermarket parts can dramatically increase your performance, performance programmers and modules let you access your vehicle’s brain. Read product descriptions and reviews to find the device that completes your truck, jeep SUV at TuffTruckParts.

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