You Can Have the "Baddest Truck or Jeep" on the Block!


You Can Have the

You worked hard. You took that hard earned money and invested it in the truck or Jeep of your dreams. It looks great, and all of your friends admire it. Why stop there? No matter how cool your truck is now, it can always look and run better with new cool truck accessories and upgraded performance parts. Here are some ideas that can make your ride catch the eye of everyone and dominate any competition.

An easy way to increase performance and get you truck noticed is a great performance exhaust system. It is also one of the first steps to other upgrades. Factory exhausts actually restrict the potential configuration. If you want to have true power potential for your engine, you need to increase your exhaust flow’s velocity, and reduce the backpressure, as well as, thermal stress. Dynomax and Flowmaster are some of the top makers of quality performance exhaust systems, they have parts for every element of a great performance exhaust. You can get turbo mufflers, high flow cats, monster tips and X/Y/H pipes to make a lot of noise. If you want to make a few improvements at once try a ready to install kit like the Dynomax turbo mufflers , Dual Cat-Back performance exhaust System.

Another simple, yet drastic way to increase your engines performance is air. That is right cold air! It may sound insignificant but without some form of forced, Cold air intakes, your truck or Jeep will only be performing at minimum horsepower and torque capabilities. K&N, Airaid, AEM and Banks make some great kits and components that you can install in a very short time like cold air intake kits, high flow air filters, snorkels or a Banks Power Sidewinder Turbo System.

One performance product that installs in no time at all and will give you up to a 20 HP gain and 20 LB's of toque with a V6, up to a 30 HP gain with a V8 and up to 56 HP gain with a diesel. A Performance Programmer will give you increased horsepower, boost and torque with advanced safety features while adjusting vehicle parameters. Add ignition timing and get diagnostic codes, fuel savings and more. Always stay current with the newest performance technology in performance chips & programmers for your truck, jeep or SUV. Performance tuners and programmers like Bully Dog, Diblosport, Edge, Superchips and Banks programmers install very easily and can update to different programs in no time. Dial in your truck, jeep or SUV's performance and dominate the competition.

Moving away from the basics of performance into the realism of pure power let’s complete that performance upgrade with the ultimate in power boosting capabilities. That is right we are talking about Nitrous oxide system,. If you thought cold air was a boost, it has nothing on the power of a Nitrous Oxide. Sometimes you need that extra punch in a hurry. One of the top makers of these incredible systems is NOS and Edelbrock. Install a full kit like NOS Big Shot Nitrous System or just a simple 75 or 100 shot and never be left behind again! Of course you don't want to add this Incredible power boost if your still under factory warranty.

So now you have the power. Time to have the look. Being fast and loud will get you noticed, but once people look your way you need to make sure they are stunned by what they see. When you point your awesome truck or Jeep in someone’s direction, you can ensure they are impressed by having a great hood and the accessories that go with it. Tuff Truck Parts has custom hoods like Billet, mesh, studded, stainless and stealth black or you can go all-inclusive with products like a SRT custom hood for your RAM.

You bought a truck for a reason. It is not a family car. Which means it has a bed. There are a number of ways you can protect your truck’s bed and make the rest of your truck look great too. Cool truck accessories like Truck bed covers, bed liners, chase racks, tool boxes, fender flares, side steps, custom bumpers, custom grilles, LED off road lighting and more. They can give your trucks bed the security of standing up to weather and time, as well as a uniqie custom look that is sure to impress anyone who sees it. These custom truck parts and bed accessories are made by some of the best companies in the business like AMP, ADD, Bushwacker, DEE ZEE, Putco, & Smittybilt, Truxedo and many more. You can’t neglect the bed if you want your truck looking its best.

Finally, we end with Lift kits & Suspension You might want to take your truck off-road, or maybe you just want it to look cool and jacked up. No matter what the reason, anyone in the custom truck scene knows that raising your truck up, is a must. The best way to accomplish this is with a comprehensive suspension lift kit. Get everything you need in one kit so all the components will flow nicely. A quality lift kit with everything you need to get your truck up in the air comes from great companies like Fabtech, Skyjacker, Pro Comp, ReadyLift, Rancho and more.


At Tuff Truck Parts we have all the custom truck parts and cool truck accessories you will ever need to make sure your vehicle is the baddest truck or Jeep on the block. Shop Now for thousands of custom truck & Jeep performance parts and accessories and have the baddest truck or Jeep on the block!