Best Price Guarantee

Price Match Guarantee

Our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE loves it’s customers and appreciates all your business. We want to always make sure you get the absolute best prices possible on all your custom truck, Jeep and SUV parts and accessories. So if your ready lets get shopping and save you some money!

Best price guarantee applies only to advertised prices on the internet by authorized distributors with the same products. We cannot price match E-bay and Amazon marketplace or other parts stores like Advanced Auto Parts or similar stores because their products have not been put through quality control testing like all our top USA brands products have.


    Proof of the advertised price is required.
    The part must be in-stock at the advertised location.
    Advertised price includes all shipping, handling, or any other "to-the-door" costs.


    This policy DOES NOT apply to:
        Typographical errors.
        Products in an online auction.
        Damaged or "Open Box" items.
        Discontinued, clearance, or liquidation items.
        Refurbished or used products from a second-hand seller.
        Wholesale, membership, or club pricing.
        Fraudulent websites.

Exclusion - reserves the right not to price match any offer.

. - Best price

Request a Price Match

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