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Tuff Truck Parts carries a complete line of LED truck lighting, including LED projector headlights for your Chevy, Ford, Dodge, GMC and Toyota trucks. Upgrade your dull factory headlights and add high quality LED projector headlights. We offer LED projector headlights in both clear and smoked housing finishes, allowing you to create a customized look for your vehicle. All of our LED projector headlights fit directly into the factory mounting on your truck or SUV to make installation easy. We carry some of the best brands on the market like Anzo, Spec-D, Spyder, Recon, JW Speaker/lighting and more. You need the highest luminous output as possible when driving down any city or country road at night. LED projection headlights for trucks & Jeeps technology is the absolute best and only way to go when adding any custom lighting to your vehicle.

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Why LED Lighting?

LED Lighting


When adding new custom truck lighting like LED projector headlights or HID headlights you are on your way to start your new custom build. The new projection and LED technology has dominated the custom truck parts market and is leaving all other lighting behind. LED projector headlights illuminate the road much better and allows the driver to have a safer and more enjoyable driving experience at night.

LED, Projector and Led Halo headlights come in many different styles and sizes just to fit your custom truck, jeep, or SUV. If you are ready to add style, class and sophistication to your already awesome ride. These projection LED headlights for trucks and HID headlights technology is the only way to go. TuffTruckparts is the leader in aftermarket custom lighting and LED projector headlights for trucks

LED Lighting

Which Are the Right Headlights for My Truck, Jeep 0r SUV?


Truck headlights are forgotten pieces of equipment enjoying a renewed focus. While halogen lightbulbs remain the standard, LED and xenon headlights are becoming more common as drivers look for better performance. Deciding which headlight is best for you requires some careful thought about your priorities. A little research can help you decide what kind fits your needs.




Halogen lightbulbs are by far the most common type of headlight. Most vehicles being produced today, even luxury cars, feature halogen bulbs. They are very similar to the incandescent lightbulbs that are still popular in household lamps.


Halogen lightbulbs are the cheapest, making it less painful to your budget when it comes time to replace them. Truck owners should take care when replacing them, as even minimal amounts of skin oil or perspiration can affect the brightness and longevity of these bulbs. Because they are so common, repair shops are all very knowledgeable when it comes to servicing halogen headlights.




LED or light-emitting diode truck headlights have become very popular in recent years. An LED is a type of semiconductor diode that produces light when a charge is applied to it.


LED headlights produce a beam that doesn’t disperse as much as other light sources, so it illuminates farther down the road. LEDs also use much less energy than halogen headlights. The main disadvantage of LEDs is the significant amount of heat created by the diodes. They require a more significant cooling system than other headlights. If you’re looking for better luminous, longevity and all out better lighting go LED.




HID (high-intensity discharge) headlights are commonly called xenon headlights. Xenon is a naturally occurring gas that is used to start the metal-halide lighting process in the headlight. This process is much more energy efficient than traditional halogen bulbs.


Xenon lights are significantly brighter in appearance than other bulbs, with drivers of other vehicles sometimes complaining they blind them. While xenon headlights create a more diffuse light than LEDs, many rural drivers prefer this as it better illuminates the sides of the roads at night. They also last longer than halogen bulbs.


Reflector vs Projector Headlights


Finally, no discussion of headlights would be complete without discussing the two designs of housing. A lightbulb shines light in every direction, so a housing is needed to create a more focused beam.


Every driver is familiar with reflectors, as they have been the standard type of housing for years. Similar to a flashlight, they are a bulb sitting at the bottom of a reflective cone. The light bounces off the sides of this cone and reflects out onto the road.


Truck projection headlights are similar but with an added piece of design. After the light bounces around in a specially shaped housing, it is focused by a concave lens. This projects a straighter beam that creates better illumination.


Which Headlights Are Best For You?


While headlights may not seem like a flashy aftermarket part, custom lights are become more popular with truck and jeep owners. While they may not be as cost-effective as stock parts, the benefits are enormous. Not only do they look great, they can save a driver’s life by illuminating trouble sooner. Our pick would be LED and Projector Headlights but this is all up to you. Good luck and stay safe.