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Adding custom truck wheels to any truck, Jeep or SUV has got to be the most exciting thing you can do to your vehicle. One of the first things people do when starting to add custom truck parts is to add custom wheels. We carry just a few brands of custom truck wheels but the ones we do carry are some of the best brands you have learned to love. Our top brands names you may know are Pro Comp Wheels, RBP, LRG, Micky Thomson and Rugged Ridge. These are some of the best looking truck, jeep and SUV wheels on the market today. These wheels are all Percision Robotically CNC machined for a perfect sculpted fit to your vehicle. Whatever wheel you like from mild to wild from deep to steep we have your custom wheels.

Don't see the custom wheels your looking for? Just give us a call at 877-391-8160 and will get you any wheel on the planet and for the Best Price!

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custom truck wheels

Custom truck wheels should always be purchased from well known USA based companies like, Fuel, Pro Comp, LRG, RBP and Mickey Thompson Wheels. Tuff Truck Parts is here to provide you with the very best customer service, best prices, and top quality custom truck parts. Enjoy shopping with us.

Truck Wheels 101: Choosing the Right Aftermarket truck Wheels or Jeep

Steel or Cast Alloy Wheels - The choices on truck and Jeep wheels are few, but getting the right set for your vehicle could prove a bit more complicated if you don't know the difference. Whether you're aiming for some lightweight wheels that offer maximum shine, or going for a more heavy duty option to handle that off-road workload, it pays to know what type of wheel will best suit your needs.

Steel Wheels

Although slightly heavier custom truck wheels or Jeep wheels like alloy wheels, steel wheels employ solid construction and heavy-duty materials to reap certain benefits. The stamped construction of steel truck wheels provides better durability and a more consistent composition that you can't get out of cast and machined alloys. The end result is that steel wheels are typically more uniform, and therefore, less prone to wobbling. Additionally, steel truck wheels boast excellent longevity, as they are less porous and more resistant to corrosion from dirt, sand, or brake depletion.

Advantages of Steel Wheels

Heavy Duty Durability

While slightly heavier than alloy wheels, steel wheels are also more durable. Additionally, steel is more malleable than aluminum, preventing chipping or breakage due to impact.

Consistent Composition

The stamped construction of steel wheels helps them to be more uniform and symmetrical, increasing structural integrity and reducing the likelihood of wobbling.


Steel truck wheels are less porous than aluminum wheels, allowing better resistance against dirt, sand, and brake depletion.

Custom Truck Wheels & Cast Alloy Wheels

Low-Pressure Casting

Cast alloy wheels employ low-pressure casting techniques for increased malleability. This allows alloys to be more flexible, therefore granting manufacturers a certain level of metallurgic creativity.

Porous Metal Compound

The aluminum alloy of cast wheels is more porous, which allows better airflow through the wheels to help cool down heated brakes.

Rust-Resistant Shine

Cast aluminum alloy wheels are rust-resistant, easy to clean, and produce a consistent, long-lasting shine.

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