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Ready to take your custom build to the next level? New Custom billet truck grilles will give you that extreme custom look and aggressive style you have been looking for. We carry a great selection of custom truck grilles, billet truck grilles and custom jeep grilles including all different styles like matte black, polished aluminum, chrome and polished stainless steel. All with eye catching styles and designs for Chevy, Ford, Dodge, GMC, Toyota, Jeep and many more. Browse through our different styles of Custom billet truck grilles with brands like T-Rex, Smittybilt, Rugged Ridge, Putco and more. Give your vehicle that extreme custom cutting edge look and style it deserves with a new Custom truck grille or billet truck grille. Dominate the competition with these great truck & Jeep accessories from tufftruckparts.com.

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Turn Heads With a Custom Billet Grille


One of the coolest parts about customizing your truck or Jeep is creating your own look. Aftermarket parts improve performance, but they don’t show on your exterior. A custom billet grille, on the other hand, changes the whole exterior of your ride. Billet grilles are the metal grating that protect the front of your vehicle. In many ways, they are the face of your truck or Jeep. Custom grilles can give your machine a unique look that sets it apart from others.


Billet Truck Grille Types


Grilles provide a significant canvas for you to show your style. In addition to traditional billet grilles, there are also mesh grilles, grille inserts, and grille trims to customize. Some specialty models even include LEDs to give a distinctive look and provide more light. Best of all, most grilles are basic enough that even an inexperienced gearhead can install them.


Custom Billet Grilles: These are an aftermarket companion to your stock grille. They replace the entire grille area and give you a distinctive look. These grilles may be mesh or bars like your original grille.


Truck Grille Inserts: Inserts are a type of custom replacement that fit inside the shell of your original grille. While they may require some cutting, they install easily onto your truck or Jeep. Just like the custom billet grille, inserts can be mesh or traditional bar designs.


Truck Grille Trims: The trim forms the border of the grille’s grating. Traditional grilles have an understated trim while custom truck grilles often use larger trim to create a visually appealing contrast. A custom trim is a way to add impact to a custom grille or insert.


Truck Billet Grille Styles


There are many looks available for your grille. Mesh patterns are popular for their divergent, nontraditional style. Custom grilles come in black, chrome, and stainless finishes. They may also feature a unique design such as a skull and crossbones or set of jaws. Some models remove your truck manufacturer’s logo, so check for that first if you’re a diehard fan.


Grille Materials


The grille materials used for your truck or Jeep have different properties. You might select a certain construction depending upon whether you want to save weight, cost, or add strength. Not all grilles and accessories are available in every material, so you should factor this in as well.


Aluminum: This is the most commonly used material used in custom grilles. While it may be lightweight, it is still relatively strong and corrosion resistant.


Stainless Steel: Steel is typically the strongest material used in grille construction. This durability comes with a heavier weight, which can make beefier grilles more difficult to install. They do not significantly affect the overall weight of the truck. Like aluminum, stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion.


T-304 stainless steel is an alloy with a higher chromium content than most steel varieties, giving it extreme corrosion resistance. You might prefer it if you live in an environment with a lot of exposure to salt. T-409 series stainless steel is used more often in grille construction because it is a more affordable material than T-304.


ABS Composite: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, generally just called ABS, is a type of thermoplastic polymer. ABS is the material used almost exclusively in stock grilles but the aftermarket industry also makes extensive use of it. Because the materials used in the polymer are common, it is the most cost-effective grille material. It is ultra-lightweight, fairly sturdy, and doesn’t rust.


Customize Your Look


Your truck or Jeep is a way to demonstrate your style to the world. A custom vehicle sets you apart from a sea of mass-produced, identical cars. A new billet truck or Jeep grille changes the first piece of your ride that people see. Choosing a unique grille sets the tone for your machine’s style.