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TuffTruckParts.com - Shocks/Coil Covers Coil Over Shock Absorbers give your truck, jeep or SUV the ride you have been looking for. We carry a huge selection of truck, jeep and SUV custom truck parts such as Coil Over Shock Absorbers from some great brands like King, Fox, Skyjacker, Rancho, Pro Comp and many more. On any custom build, one of the first things to replace is your stock shocks or coil overs. If your looking for maximum damping and sustained fade-free performance in a truck or jeep shocks for any terrain we have the shock for you. All custom shocks have a maximize suspension travel and performance for both on and off the road. Most brands shocks are a direct-replacement mounting design that bolts right onto stock height trucks and rigs with aftermarket lift kits. These custom truck parts are a perfect fit for most builds.

Just give us a call at 877.391.8160 or email us at info@tufftruckparts.com and our suspension experts will set you up with the perfect coil over shock absorber designed just for your vehicle.

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Coilover shocks are one of the biggest areas of confusion because so many people incorrectly identify them as "struts" when they are not. This happens because these custom truck parts coilovers upper halves, with the coil spring mounted on top, look extremely similar to struts. Their bottom on the other hand is a very different design. Technically speaking, the reason that a coilover shock is not a strut, is because it is not an integral part of the suspension. If you were to remove a set of coilover shocks from a truck, the coil springs would come out with them, and the truck would basically fall to the ground with ultimate lowness. Now, even with the coilover shocks missing, the wheels would still be attached perfectly to the vehicle, because of the multi-link or conventional upper and lower A-arm suspension. The vehicle would also still be able to steer, though the tires would likely be scraping a few things.

Struts are very similar to shocks internally with oil and valves, but they are constructed differently on the exterior. You see, struts are designed to be an integral part of the suspension. Unlike shocks, if the struts weren't attached, the truck would fall flat on the ground, and be totally immobile. The wheels would flop around, because they would only be attached to the lower control arm, which just isn't enough.