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Every custom truck, jeep or SUV needs some kind of under body protection like off road truck skid plates and jeep skid plates. Even from the dealer your truck or jeep comes with some kind of stock protection. When you add custom truck parts you have to step up to real aftermarket custom protection. You have spent too much of your hard earned money on custom under truck and jeep suspension and components to have it ruined in one weekend out four-wheeling. That's when under body skid plates, truck skid plates and jeep skid plates come in to play. We carry off road skid plates for trucks & jeeps from some of the best named brands out there for custom truck and jeep protection. Keep it covered, go tufftruckparts.com for all your custom aftermarket parts and accessories needs.

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Keeping your suspension investment under your truck covered away from rocks, brush and anything else the trail might throw at you is a must. Custom truck parts such as off road truck skid plates and jeep skid plates are made with custom alloys and steel to give you incredible protection against earth's harsh elements. Building your vehicle correctly is the only way you want to represent your ride. If you do not do it correctly you my as well not even start your build at all. Protect the bottom of your vehicle with aftermarket skid plates.