Tufftruckparts.com - Lift Kit-Suspension w/Shock

TuffTruckParts.com - Suspension & Lift Kits When upgrading your suspension to increase height it is important to choose the right truck lift kits with shocks. Beware of great deals and over seas parts from foreign manufacturers. You may not get all of the parts necessary when their delivered or most of the time you get the truck lift kit. keep in mind that spending a few extra dollars on quality US brands parts from a well known distributor like Tuff Truck Parts can save you from a headache in the long run. Lifting your truck with the correct upgrades will increase your suspension travel, which is ideal for off-road extreme conditions. There are many lift kits that will lift your truck or Jeep while allowing aftermarket parts to bolt directly to the factory mounts. As you begin to lift beyond 4" to 6" your truck lift kits with shocks will need more modifications are required, such as larger performance shocks, minor welding, drilling. You always want to maintain stability when our four wheeling or driving.