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Your truck or jeeps ignition and electrical components are a must on any upgrade or performance engine build. Adding quality truck accessories like a MSD performance truck distributor or performance ignition electronics to your engine will heighten the performance and output in the areas that need it most. All MSD ignitions, coils, wires or MSD distributors are those quality performance products that all high horsepower engine needs. Remember your engine is one big heavy duty power plant that you keep building on and it will require better performance parts. Do not skip out on any quality custom truck parts or truck & jeep accessories like MSD truck & jeep coils and MSD ignitions is one brand that speaks for itself.

More About Ignition

MSD Ignitions, coils, wires and performance truck distributors set the standard that other brands just cannot do. These custom truck parts like the MSD truck distributors have raised the bar even higher as they have introduced the all new Digital 6A ignition Control. MSD started with a clean slate and drew up plans for all new 2016 parts. They kept the same footprint as per all their performance parts but still keep that clean sleek look that represents MSD. Inside all MSD ignitions you will find a microprocessor that monitors and controls all firing. These custom truck parts are updated with efficient components that help the ignition produce more power while drawing less current! The new truck accessory distributors like the MSD Digital 6A will deliver over 530 volts to the coil with up to 135 MJ of spark energy for increased firing output. Combine this with all your great truck & jeep accessories, MSD performance parts and custom truck parts your ride will be all ready to go. Go MSD for all your performance needs. Check out our hundreds of great truck accessories on sale and put your build into top gear!