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When adding lots of horsepower with performance products or pulling a heavy load you need Big Brakes For Trucks, jeeps, and SUV's there is one part that is of utmost importance for your safety and others and that is performance brakes. We carry a great line of performance brake kits for trucks, jeep brakes, truck brake pads, front and rear rotors and front and rear performance truck break calipers. Quality performance brakes like SSBS truck brakes and EBC truck brakes give you that added stopping power that you need 100% of the time. When you add custom parts to your truck, jeep, or SUV it also requires lots of additional safety products when adding that extra horsepower. Keeping all those custom truck parts and accessories grounded is a must. Keep yourself, your passengers and your vehicle safe with performance brake kits for trucks from tufftruckparts.com

More About Brakes

Performance brake kits for trucks were developed as a premium friction material specifically for your truck, jeep or SUV. These custom disc brakes and pad applications are some of the best Big Brakes For Trucks in the business. Your most popular material is Regulation 90 approved over a wide range of disc brake applications, assuring high quality and economical brake system on your vehicle. A high performing friction material formulated in carbon based additives for friction and braking materials. It has been developed as a durable material for many automotive and light commercial vehicles which demand high and low wear rates on both disc and pads. All our top performance brake brands cover all applications in heavy load truck, jeep and SUV applications. Whether you're towing a heavy trailer or hauling heavy loads your hard-working truck, jeep or SUV deserves brakes that are ready to work. Our selection of performance truck brake kits for trucks will help you stop faster, harder, faster and smoother. you Better have performance truck brakes when adding bigger oversized tires to your truck, jeep or SUV. Whatever your application may be we have the truck, jeep or SUV brakes to meet your requirements. This is one product you do not ever what to skimp out on because your safety and others relies on it.

  • EBC Brakes Selector Chart For Trucks Jeeps & SUV's
  • Driving Style, Best Pads, Best Rotors
  • General highway use on all types of vehicle requiring premium OEM part replacement Ultimax Pads, RK Series Rotors
  • SUV, 4x4 and light truck modest brake upgrade Greenstuff Pads, 6000 Series GD Series Rotors
  • SUV, 4x4 and light truck maximum stopping for towing and loads etc. Yellowstuff Pads, GD Series Rotors
  • SUV and 4x4 modest brake upgrade with lowest dust Greenstuff Pads, 7000 Series GD Series Rotors
  • New NDX formula for track day and longer race use, street use OK Bluestuff Pads, RK Series (or GD if race series allows) Rotors
  • Race and track use only (not R90 approved) Orangestuff Pads, BSD or RK Series Rotors.
  • SSBC Solution Center for all Brake Questions please visit this link:

    Please Brake Responsibly!

    Performance brake kits for trucks

    Pickup Truck Towing & Braking

    The five major pickup truck contenders, from Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Ram, and Toyota have unique features that attribute to their popularity. Fans of their favorite truck brand will debate over who makes the best vehicle based on these features and other varying factors, such as who has the best brake calipers or brake rotors. To solidify who officially makes the best pickup truck, each of the five contenders endured a rigorous test to see how well each truck's performance brakes fared.

    The first brake test required the driver to bring each pickup truck up to 60 mph before slamming on the brakes and coming to a complete stop. The test simulated a real emergency stop that evaluated the truck's brakes, calipers and rotors. This test was ran with the trucks loaded and empty, to fully understand each truck's braking capabilities. The braking distance of each truck is below.

    Driving Empty

    The results of the empty braking test rounded:

    Chevy: 138 feet

    GMC: 141 feet

    Ram: 145 feet

    Toyota: 145 feet

    Ford: 149 feet

    The clear-cut winner in braking distance is Chevy. The vehicle used for this test was the 2016 Chevrolet Silverado. This truck's performance brakes, calipers, and brake rotors are second to none. The Silverado's braking speed outmatched GMC's 2016 Sierra by nearly 3 feet. These results speak highly of Chevrolet and GMC's ability to design a pickup truck that is capable of coming to a halt quickly in an emergency. Tailing these two contenders are the Ram 1500, Toyota's Tundra, and Ford's F-150.

    The final ranking for Ford is quite surprising. The last place position possibly occurred due to the Michelin Energy Saver tires, rather than the truck's performance brakes.

    Driving Loaded

    o view a detailed comparison in braking performance, each pickup received a 1,750 pound payload before conducting the braking test again. The added weight brought three of the contenders to their maximum payload capacity. As for the 2016 Ram 1500 and Toyota Tundra, the payload exceeded their max capacity. Conducting the loaded driving test put the shocks, suspension, brake calipers and rotors under extreme duress in an attempt to officially conclude which pickup has the best truck performance brakes.

    The results of the loaded braking test rounded:

    GMC: 146 feet

    Chevrolet: 149 feet

    Ford: 155 feet

    Toyota: 158 feet

    Ram: 162 feet

    Once again GMC and Chevrolet are at the top of the list. Clearly these companies know how to make top of the line performance brake kits for trucks. Not once did these vehicles have issues with their brake calipers or rotors, although they did wobble and sag quite a bit under the payload. Ford did somewhat better during the loaded test, however, to achieve this final result, it pays to remember that excess weight hindered the Tundra and Ram 1500's performance. Bare this in mind when picking out a truck to tow your boat or RV.