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TuffTruckParts.com - Heavy Duty Truck Tool BoxesTransporting all your belongings and tools to the job site is a job for a Dee Zee, Lund or Westin pickup truck tool box. These heavy duty truck tool boxes keep your tools safe and secure because that is one top priority that you cannot skip a beat on. You have too much money invested in your tools to lose to one thief. The great variety of truck tool boxes we do carry come in all styles and sizes like the Dee Zee Specialty Series Padlock, Dee Zee Blue Label Boxes, Dee Zee Red Label Boxes, Westin Crossover Tool Box, Westin Pro Series Tool Box and many more. With this huge variety of heavy duty truck tool boxes we are sure we have the right truck tool box for your vehicle.

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Heavy duty truck tool boxes for Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Ram and Toyota pickup trucks. Get the correct box at the right price. Tuff Truck Parts.

The Top 3 Truck Toolbox Questions Answered


If you’re like most workers, you could probably write a love song for your truck. No other vehicle offers the ability to haul cargo and tow equipment like a pickup truck. You can take your work truck to the next level by outfitting it with a toolbox to carry your equipment. The right toolbox keeps your tools neatly arranged, safe, and always ready to go.


Why Should You Get a Truck Toolbox?


These versatile containers provide many benefits for truck owners. Here are just a few reasons why you might consider getting a truck toolbox.




Truck boxes have the space to carry a lot of tools, with large ones acting like a portable shed. Tools in a box can’t tumble out of your truck bed or slide under your seat. Many toolboxes have trays to keep smaller parts organized and allow you to put your power tool carrying cases inside.




A truck toolbox gives you the ability to jump in your ride and take your tools anywhere. While you generally can’t easily unbolt the box and carry it around (or thieves certainly would,) you also can’t forget your tools at home; wherever your truck goes, your tools come with it.


Theft Deterrent


Tools get more expensive every year and thieves know this as well as you do. While you may not mourn a screwdriver, losing an extensive set of ratchets or your collection of power tools could set you back quite a bit. Heavy-duty truck toolboxes feature strong lids and solid locks. Simple key and push-button locks are quick to open but difficult for thieves to break.


Protection From the Elements


Being outside is hell on tools. Even simple hammers can rust or develop loose heads from being left in the rain, wind, and sun. Your expensive electronic tools shouldn’t be left outside, but truck toolboxes are weather resistant. Heavy-duty lids and thick weatherstripping keeps the elements out.


What Are the Types of Truck Toolboxes?


There are three main styles of toolboxes for your truck. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, so choosing one is a matter of preference.


Crossover Toolboxes


This is the most popular type of truck toolbox. These boxes get their name from the way they cross over the bed of the truck, spanning from bedrail to bedrail. They’re typically placed just behind the cab to keep the weight centered and allow for cargo storage behind them. They come with a variety of options, including toolboxes with extra protection, low-profile models for better visibility, and even a few that fit under truck bed covers.


Side Mount Toolboxes


Side mounts are the toolboxes you see attached to the side of truck beds. They typically allow for more storage space than crossover toolboxes. Not only does this give you room for more equipment, it can also allow you to carry longer tools. Because of their placement on the side of the truck, they’re generally easier to access as well. Instead of having to jump up into the bed to hunt for a tool, you can grab it while standing on the ground.


Unique Toolboxes


New toolbox designs provide truck owners with even more options. These specialty toolboxes allow you to carry equipment in ways that crossover and side mount toolboxes can’t. Some models come with hand-carried toolboxes you can bring them with you. There are toolboxes that fit over wheel wells and others that you can mount on trailers.


How Do You Pick the Right Toolbox?


Choosing the right toolbox comes down to examining your needs and finding the toolbox that best fulfills them. For instance, if you need consistent access to larger tools, a side mount toolbox is probably your best option. If you like having a truck toolbox but need a hand-carry model, a specialty toolbox fits the bill. Bigger toolboxes are best when you have a lot of equipment to store. A shallow crossover toolbox can make it easier to find and grab a few tools you use often.


The Perfect Match for Your Truck


Whether you do construction jobs, contracting, or do-it-yourself projects, having the right tools around is a necessity. Toolboxes for trucks give workers like you the ability to keep your equipment on hand and protected from harm. No matter what job needs to be done, there’s a toolbox that’ll help you do it.