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TuffTruckParts.com - Suspension & Lift Kits An offroad suspension lift kit elevates the entire truck or Jeep which allows owners to install much larger tires and safely take the vehicle off road into rougher terrains. Unlike the other two types of lift kits, suspension lift kits actually suspend the entire frame to increase the distance between the chassis and the axles. Truck suspension lift kits raise the entire suspension by changing the shocks and the front and rear leaf springs of the vehicle. This now gives you extra space allow for bigger tires, but it also increases the travel, (distance the axle can move vertically before it becomes overextended) combined with some good offroad shocks this can actually make for a smoother ride over rough terrain. While more costly and difficult to install, suspension lift kits do add more height to a vehicle than body lift kits for trucks. Looking for the best truck lift kits? You have come to the right place. Check out our kits from: Fabtech lift kits, Skyjacker lift Kits, Procomp Lift Kits, Rancho Lift Kits, Rubicon lift kits and more.