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TuffTruckParts.com - Shocks/Coil CoversPerformance shock absorbers both on-road and off all carry top-of-the-line materials and hand crafted assembly result in unmatched quality no matter what terrain lies in your path. All our custom shocks below are designed for enhanced off-road handling and performance. Engineered for enthusiasts who find themselves in the most demanding terrain. Each custom shock will have a smooth, comfortable ride on the road and improved handling and performance off-road. Whatever terrain you're shooting for you will find the perfect custom truck parts just for you.

Just give us a call at 877.391.8160 or e-mail us at info@tufftruckparts.com and our suspension experts will set you up with the perfect shock absorber designed just for your vehicle.

More About Shock Absorber

The word "shock" is really the shortened version of the longer "shock-absorber." As you can probably guess, a shock absorber absorbs energy. As the truck or jeep rolls over bumps in the road, all of that oscillating suspension energy is absorbed into the shock. The shock does this with the combination of oil and a series of internal valves. Since the oil can only flow through these valves at a certain rate, the suspension movement becomes slower, smoother, and infinitely more predictable. Without shocks, the wheels on the truck or jeep will actually bounce off of the road surface, and vibrate erratically down rough roads. As you can imagine, if the tires are not evenly touching the pavement at all times, the vehicle becomes unstable, and can actually be quite dangerous. While shocks are extremely important for ride quality and safety, they are not an integral part of the suspension. They can be removed completely, and the truck or jeep will still be able to drive around (though it would feel like a rollercoaster ride). As with everything in life, with age comes deterioration. When these custom truck shocks become old, the oil inside the shocks often leaks out, which means their dampening qualities are completely lost. Once this happens, the shock might as well not even exist. It is just along for the ride until somebody replaces it.