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The best truck & Jeep shocks, both on-road and off road all carry top-of-the-line materials and hand crafted assemblies. These results end in an unmatched quality no matter what terrain lies in your path. All our custom truck parts and jeep parts such as our 4X4 shocks are designed for enhanced on-road and off-road handling and performance. The best off road truck shocks are engineered for enthusiasts who find themselves in the most demanding terrains. Each custom shock will have a smooth, comfortable ride on the road and improved handling and performance in any terrain. Whatever road, dirt or trail your shooting for you will find the perfect off road truck shocks or jeep shocks for your vehicle.

Can't find your brand Just give us a call at 877-391-8160 and our suspension experts will set you up with the best truck shocks, truck struts or Jeep shocks designed just for your vehicle.

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Your truck or Jeeps suspension is probably going to be one of the most important custom truck part purchases you will make. When you purchase the bes truck shocks or Jeep shocks like performance 4X4 shocks, lifted truck struts, coilovers or air bags you begin that process. There is no comparison from stock truck shocks, coilovers or jeep shocks to a new custom set up.

If you are mud bogging, desert racing, four-wheeling or just looking to upgrade from your present set up, we have one of the very best selections of custom truck parts shocks and coilovers in the business. We carry all the top names like King, Fabtech, ReadyLift Skyjacker, Fox, Pro Comp, Rancho, Rubicon and many more. If you are serious about upgrading your stock shocks or coilovers and ready to take your build to the next level. Choosing the correct truck shocks

Shocks The word "shock" is really the shortened version of the longer "shock-absorber." As you can probably guess, a shock absorber absorbs energy. As your truck or jeep rolls over bumps in the road, all of that oscillating suspension energy is absorbed into the shock. Truck shocks do this with the combination of oil and a series of internal valves. Since the oil can only flow through these valves at a certain rate, the suspension movement becomes slower, smoother, and infinitely more predictable. Without the best truck shocks like performance 4X4 shocks the wheels on the car or truck will actually bounce off of the road surface, and vibrate erratically down rough roads. As you can imagine, if the tires are not evenly touching the pavement at all times, the vehicle becomes unstable, and can actually be quite dangerous.Be smart and get the best truck shocks you can

While 4X4 shocks are extremely important for ride quality and safety, they are not an integral part of the suspension. They can be removed completely, and the truck or jeep will still be able to drive around (though it would feel like a rollercoaster ride).

As with everything in life, with age comes deterioration. When custom truck parts and shocks become old, the oil inside the shocks often leaks out, which means their dampening qualities are completely lost. Once this happens, the shock might as well not even exist. It is just along for the ride until somebody replaces it and you know then it time for the best off road truck shocks or jeeps shocks you can find

Struts are very similar to shocks internally with oil and valves, but they are constructed differently on the exterior. You see, struts are designed to be an integral part of the suspension. Unlike 4X4 shocks, if the struts weren't attached, the car would fall flat on the ground, and be totally immobile. The wheels would flop around, because they would only be attached to the lower control arm, which just isn't enough.

On a typical strut, above the coil-spring is what is known as the upper strut mount, and under that is usually a bump-stop which is covered by a rubber boot. These pieces can all be replaced individually, or replaced together as one unit called a "loaded strut". Replacing a loaded strut on a vehicle is dramatically easier than replacing any one of the individual parts, because you don't need to compress the coil springs, or align the strut mounts properly. It is all done for you.

The best truck shocks and Jeep shocks like 4X4 shocks and struts have replaceable "cartridges". A cartridge is basically the "shock" section that sits inside the body of the strut. Not many vehicles were built with this custom truck parts style suspension, but they are out there. The beauty of them is that the strut cartridge is often removable from under the hood, which means the strut itself doesn't need to be taken out of the car at all. That's less labor for you, and no alignment needed.

Reservoir Shocks

While fine for cruising on road ways or light-duty off-road use, a typical foam or gas shock has drawbacks. The biggest one about regular shocks is when subjected to sustained rough terrain, they can overheat. Aeration (or foaming) is what takes place when the oil and gas in the shock mix due to sustained heat and motion, and the result is a shock that loses its ability to dampen suspension motion correctly. The result is a bouncy ride and also dangerous handling. Remote reservoir shocks can help solve this problem. They are designed with an external reservoir that increases fluid capacity. This increase in capacity helps lower fluid temperature, thus offering the ability to blast over rough terrain without experiencing shock fade.

There are two kinds of remote reservoir shocks.

Piggyback-style shocks have the reservoir permanently mounted to the shock body and the reservoir shock that is attached by a length of high-pressure hose, meaning it can be mounted wherever you like on your vehicle.

What's the advantage of remote reservoirs?

Inside the shock reservoir, a floating piston separates the nitrogen from the oil, preventing aeration. Another advantage is the increased oil capacity that aids in cooling and increases service life of the oil in the shock. Additionally, the added gas volume helps the compression and rebound valves to retain consistency under the most severe off-road terrain or varying surface conditions.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of remote reservoir-type shocks is that many are valved for specific vehicle applications, unlike most regular shocks that use generic valving. Custom valving allows you to fine-tune the compression and rebound to suit your vehicle and driving style. Please contact us at 1.877.391.8160 with your vehicle spec's to set you up with the correct shocks for your vehicle.

Coilovers come in 2.0 inch, 2.5 inch, and 3.0 inch diameter 4X4 shocks. If your vehicle is intended to be driven faster, you will want a wider diameter. 2.0 inch diameter shocks are typically seen on light vehicles, such as sand cars or buggies. Since these vehicles are very light, the 2.0 diameter shock body is sufficient. Rock crawlers and Jeeps also use 2.0 diameter shocks, on average, since they do not travel very fast and therefore the best truck shocks don?t generate as much heat.

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2.5 diameter coilovers are the most widely used and popular truck coilovers. These off road 4X4 shocks ND coilovers are typically used on pre-runner trucks, buggies, mud trucks, rock crawlers and more. These coilovers come with 7/8" shafts and can support the weight of heavy vehicles with V8 engines without any problems. The advantage of the best shocks like 2.5 over the 2.0 diameter is that the larger shock body has more oil capacity and surface area for cooling. The better thermal properties prevent shock fade and aeration.

3.0 diameter coilovers are used on heavy vehicles and vehicles that will be traveling at high rates of speed. 3.0 coilovers are typically used on race vehicles, pre-runners and mud trucks that are very heavy. The 3.0 coilovers come with 1" diameter shafts for increased strength when traveling fast or high jumps and are some of the best truck shocks on the market today. So if your looking for the best truck shocks, Jeep shocks struts or coil overs Tuff Truck Parts has just the products you need for your vehicle.