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Truck performance mufflers or a performance exhaust system can increase the amount of exhaust flow and add extra HP to your vehicle. Increasing the amount of exhaust flow is the first progressive step to increased engine performance and efficiency. The factory exhaust system represents a restriction in the stock configuration. By designing a custom system that increases the mass and velocity of exhaust flow, it allows for a reduction in backpressure and thermal stress, thus unleashing the engine's potential for increased power, torque and responsiveness. Shop our truck performance mufflers and exhaust systems like Dynomax mufflers, Flowmaster mufflers, Rugged Ridge mufflers, truck exhaust tips and more and make some noise!

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TuffTruckParts.com - Truck Performance Mufflers & Exhaust

When deciding on your choice of ground rumbling sound for your truck, jeep, or SUV, a great add to your custom truck parts list would be new truck performance mufflers or a performance exhaust system. Sounds range from mild, moderate, aggressive, and very aggressive. Check out our different series of perfromance truck mufflers & truck exhaust like Flowmaster, DynoMax, Banks Ultra Flow, Turbo or any of the 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 series mufflers. They will give you that added performance, great sound and horsepower gain you have been missing. We have a great selection of great truck & jeep accessories and your top brands truck mufflers, jeep mufflers and stainless exhaust tips to choose from to fit just about any truck, jeep, or SUV you drive. Add a set of new truck performance mufflers, performance exhaust system or muffler tips and drive your neighbors wild. Check out our these great companies products like our Dynomax mufflers, Flowmaster mufflers and stainless truck exhaust tips and put your build into top gear!

Performance Exhaust and Mufflers For Popular Makes Like:

Ford F150, Ford F250, Ford F350, GMC Sierra 1500, GMC Sierra 2500 HD, Dodge Durango, Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Jeep Wrangler and many more.

Boost Performance and Style With a Custom Exhaust System


If you’re like many truck and Jeep owners, you’re itching to up the performance of your ride. Aftermarket air intakes, turbochargers, and programmers make you feel like a kid in a candy store. A custom truck exhaust system may seem like a cosmetic change, but they’re also an effective way to upgrade horsepower and torque. An aftermarket exhaust gives your ride better air exchange, a more authoritative sound, and even improves its looks.


Performance Increase


Your engine doesn’t fire without plenty of clean oxygen to burn fuel. While many gearheads install new intakes for their trucks or Jeeps, they’ve only made it halfway. Even with more air coming to the engine, the same amount of filthy waste gases is being cleared. A custom exhaust drains this waste faster, allowing your engine to run with more power.




If you want to announce your presence, get an exhaust that roars like a might predator. While drivers hear the engines inside their cabs, the truck mufflers determine what everybody else hears. Everybody enjoys a little extra performance, but a custom exhaust transforms your noise into a throaty growl.


Custom Exhaust Considerations


Picking the right exhaust system comes down to what you want in your machine. Look at factors such as the type and material makeup to find a system that speaks to you.


Types of Exhausts


There are three main types of exhaust systems. Which you choose depends mainly on the type of vehicle you drive and performance characteristics you desire.




This type of exhaust leaves the factory catalytic converter in place and replaces the pipes and muffler farther down the chain. While these still increase performance, it doesn’t change the emissions. This is the exhaust if you don’t want the complications of messing with your emissions standards.



Just like the cat-back replaces everything in back of the catalytic converter, the header-back replaces parts in back of the exhaust header. This provides greater exhaust flow than the cat-back, giving it a performance upgrade.




The turbo-back system is like a header-back except that it’s designed for turbocharged vehicles. While turbocharging is more common in cars, it kicks up the performance in trucks too. Turbo-back systems are the best way to go to improve the power and efficiency of your turbocharged machine.




The metal used in the construction of the exhaust determines the quality and durability of the system. Most stock parts are made with mild steel, which is a low-carbon steel. High-quality steels usually have a higher carbon content because it makes the metal stronger.


Stainless steel is a harder steel that uses chromium to prevent rust from forming. Aluminized steel has been dipped in aluminum for better corrosion resistance and heat dispersal. Both metals are superior to mild steel in performance and longevity, making them the better choices for custom exhausts.




To maximally increase exhaust, most custom systems use a mandrel bend in the pipe. A non-mandrel bend usually involves a slight crushing action in the pipe bending. This forms a kink which creates a bottleneck, limiting airflow. A mandrel bend is a smoother, more open system that allows more exhaust.




Drivers want their trucks and Jeeps to look good. Every part of a custom design represents you through your choices. The exhaust system is no different. Some drivers like to call attention to their exhausts with massive truck exhaust tips. If you don’t like the look, there are plenty of high-performance models with a more understated style.


Show What Defines You


Hook your vehicle up with the performance and style it deserves. The right exhaust system upgrades your power, efficiency, and sound. If you regularly inspect your exhaust during maintenance, this is a custom part that lasts for the lifetime of your truck or jeep.