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TuffTruckParts.com - Superchips Superchips is the leading manufacturer of performance programmers, modules and chips for new or late model trucks, jeeps, and SUV's. They carry an outstanding line Superchips Truck Tuners & Jeep Tuners like the FLACHPAQ, FLACHCAL, TRAILDASH, JEEP FLASHPAQ and some great Superchips accessories. Add the absolute best performance Superchips custom tuner to your custom truck parts list for added horsepower, torque and vehicle diagnostics and more with a Superchips programmer and achieve that extra horse power safely.

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Ready to add some real safe horsepower to your truck, jeep or SUV. This name says it all “Superchips.” Adding extra custom truck parts and horsepower can get expensive and very costly on the wallet. Superchips custom tuner will offer a safe and affordable way to add extra horsepower and save fuel with the push of a button. If you’re ready to add that extra horsepower to your truck, jeep or SUV. Superchips Truck Tuners & Jeep Tuners have the programmer just for you like the. FlASHPAQ, TD2, TRAILDASH 2, F5, JEEP FLASHPAQ these performance programmers are designed just for your vehicle and are plug and play right out of the box. Ready to add some real horsepower lets go. Warranty - Please visit this link - http://superchips.com/30-day-warranty-2/

  • Slim with a Sleek Case Design
  • Best-in-Class, 5", Full-Color, High-Resolution, Touch Screen
  • Custom Color Mixer for Gauge Arcs, Needles, & Backgrounds
  • Multiple Gauge Screen LayoutsPower Switch Gauge Screen to Engage LED Lights & Other Accessories
  • Fully Customizable Backgrounds
  • One Simple HDMI Plug for Power
  • Easy Menu Navigation
  • 5” high definition touch screen
  • Transmission performance* ('07-'10 JK Wrangler only) Inclinometer gauges
  • Customizable digital gauges (Reads numerous PIDs)
  • Maintenance Manager (schedule and track maintenance)
  • Performance tests
  • Corrects speedometer for tire upgrades between 26” - 42”
  • Speedometer recalibration for gear /axle swaps up to 5.38
  • Locking axle options with transfer case in 4-Hi & 4-Low (2007-14 Rubicon only)
  • ESP stability optimization (2011-14 automatic transmission models only)
  • Engine idle adjustability for winching
  • Daytime running light options (2007-14 models only)
  • One touch lane change
  • TPMS Options (Download required)
  • Radio delay options (2011-14 models only)
  • Headlamp delay options (2011-14 models only)
  • Horn chirp and exterior lighting flash options when locking doors with keyless entry
  • Reads and clears trouble codes
  • Monitor includes video input and can run backup or other camera accessories
  • Internet updatable more details on - http://www.carid.com/superchips/traildash2-tuner.html