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TuffTruckParts.com - Airaid Airaid performance intakes manufactures direct replacement air filters and Airaid cold air intake systems. Adding a performance filter or cold air induction kit will give back that much need horsepower for your truck, jeep or SUV. You have invested a lot of your hard earned money into custom truck parts and truck & jeep accessories for your vehicle. There is no way you want to cheap out on a auto parts store air filter or cold air intake system. We have great Airaid performance intakes, Airaid Jeep cold air intakes and Airaid filters that will out perform. Do Cold Air Intakes Work? You bet they do! Add a top name brand air intake system like Airaid to your truck, jeep or SUV and feel the added HP!

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Airaid performance intake advanced the automotive custom truck parts industry with the introduction of its Airaid cold air intake systems. Initially designed for light trucks and sport utility vehicles, the first AIRAID kits combined an open-element cotton gauze filter with an intake tube to produce an innovative, easy-to-install cold air intakes which dramatically increased air flow, horsepower and torque while improving overall engine performance. These truck cold air intake systems and jeep cold air intakes have been known to add 10 to 14 hp in some engines. Do Cold Air Intakes Work? You bet they do! The first thing on your truck & jeep accessories list should be a Airaid performance intake. Warranty - www.airaid.com/no-hassle-warranty.aspx