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Innovation and high-tech in suspension technology – this is what BILSTEIN shocks represents with more than 60 years of OEM partnerships and 50 years of motorsport experience. This experience and knowledge can be found in not just their truck & Jeep products but built worldwide for most vehicles. Monotube dampers, air suspension and electronic suspension systems – BILSTEIN is always on the cutting edge of damper technology. Tuning, off-road and motorsports professionals rely on BILSTEIN shocks to deliver the best performing, most technologically advanced dampers.

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More About Bilstein

With the simple twist of a knob, enthusiasts can fine-tune their vehicles using BILSTEIN’s 1, 2 and 4-way adjustable dampers. Select dampers allow for independent adjustability of both the rebound and compression characteristics. Available for street, light truck, off-road and motorsport vehicles that require that ability to be fine-tuned for various road, dirt and track conditions. Road-Tested by BILSTEIN To deliver the celebrated BILSTEIN driving experience, our engineers combine cutting edge technology with a tangible difference – how it feels to the driver. Ensuring we deliver on this promise, all of our high-performance shock absorbers, sport suspension and ride height adjustable kits undergo a rigorous testing program. Our professional drivers scrutinize the balance and driving characteristics of a variety of vehicles under various conditions at the Nürburgring and the BILSTEIN Test Center at Papenburg. Only after passing this battery of testing are our suspension components allowed to bear the BILSTEIN name – ensuring every damper delivers the legendary BILSTEIN driving