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Knowing that a Jeep build is never really “finished” Rubicon Express Jeep Suspension engineered all of our Short Arm suspension systems with an upgrade path in mind. This was the basis behind the development of the first Jeep Long Arm suspension system. This allows starting out moderately and then upgrading as desired. Moving forward, Rubican Express will continue to design and manufac- ture unsurpassed suspension systems for all of your Jeep needs, wants and budget. From your daily driver, heading out for the day for a little wheelin’ or a week long trip on the trail, we have the products, knowledge and experience to get you there and back! Located moments from the Rubicon Trail, Rubicon Express Rubicon Express Jeep Suspension is real-world tested to ensure the highest qual- ity, function, comfort, and safety. When there’s no turning back, get Rubicon Express... A brand and company you can depend on for your Jeeps suspension.!

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