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ICI (Innovative Creations)
TuffTruckParts.com - Access When starting any custom build with your truck, jeep or SUV quality brand names and newest technology in custom parts needs to be expected. ICI (Innovative Creations) brand fills out all those check marks on your custom truck parts list. ICI is a USA brand with a 20 year track record of manufacturing high-quality automotive aftermarket accessories like their ICI Magnum Bumper and ICI side steps. If it's a Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Jeep, Nissan or a Toyota truck. Whether you are looking to improve, add style and performance to your vehicle ICI will create just the custom look you need. ICI carries a variety of functional exterior truck parts including bumpers, bed caps, truck rails, off-road lighting, lighting mounts, light locks, side steps, fender trim and running boards. Get your custom truck parts build on Go ICI (Innovative Creations).

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Founded in the early 1990's, ICI has become a manufacturer of choice for those who want the best custom truck parts accessories for their truck, jeep or SUV. Their products like their ICI Magnum Front Bumper are designed by ICI's own in-house engineers to be durable, attractive and easy to install. ICI has full control of research and development. ICI is the largest manufacturer of rocker panels in the world with over 1.2 million sets of rocker panels manufactured and sold, and still counting. ICI is always on the leading edge of design in the automotive industry. ICI was the first company to create a polished stainless steel nerf bar. The look of chrome is very popular, but the chroming process is not very environmentally friendly. ICI Innovative Creations Facility 4 To achieve the chrome look, ICI developed a new method of polishing stainless steel. The result is a strong steel ICI side step with the look of chrome. ICI was also the first to come out with an oval side bar with a welded in stainless steel end cap. ICI Innovative Creations Facility 5 The benefit of this is a more durable custom truck part and product. Warranty