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Having a custom truck, jeep, or SUV requires constant up keep and the best truck & jeep accessories products like projection LED headlights for trucks. One place that requires all your attention and then some is driving at night. The first and foremost important lighting for your truck, jeep, or SUV is your truck or jeeps headlights. Today’s custom truck parts are remarkable when it comes down to new LED, Led Halo and projection headlight technology. We carry some of the best brands on the market like Anzo, Spec-D, Spyder, Recon, JW Speaker/lighting and more. You need the highest luminous output as possible when driving down any city or country road at night. Projection LED headlights for trucks & Jeeps technology is the absolute best and only way to go when adding any custom lighting to your vehicle.

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Why LED Lighting?

LED Lighting


When adding new custom truck lighting like projection LED headlights for trucks or HID headlights you are on your way to one awesome build. The new projection and LED technology has dominated the custom truck parts market and is leaving all other lighting behind. Projection LED Headlights illuminate the road better and allow the driver to have a safer and more enjoyable driving experience at night.

LED, Projector, Led and Led Halo headlights come in many different styles and sizes just to fit your custom truck, jeep, or SUV. If you are ready to add style, class and sophistication to your already awesome ride. These projection LED headlights for trucks and HID headlights technology is the only way to go.Tufftruckparts.com is the leader in aftermarket custom lighting and projection LED headlights for trucks

LED Lighting