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When adding new exterior lighting to your truck, jeep, or SUV there is one place you definitely want to be seen is from behind. Drivers must have full visibility of your trucks taillights at all times for everyone's safety. Truck LED tail lights technology is absolutely incredible these days. We carry a full line of truck & jeep accessories LED taillights with the highest luminis output and longevity of any LED's on the market. No cheesy LED truck taillights here, only custom lighting that will make one big bad bold statement on your vehicle. Go to tufftruckparts.com for all your custom lighting needs.

More About Tail Light Set

Why LED Lighting?

LED Lighting

LED lighting technology is taking over the world. The automotive industry is one very big part of it and adding custom truck parts like truck LED tail lights really enhances your vehicles appearance adds extra safety to your vehicle and brings you up to the very next level in custom parts.

New LED bulb technology runs at a drastically reduced lower temperature in comparison to halogen bulbs. Thermal management is the key to the lifespan of all LED bulbs and are designed to withstand the life of your truck, jeep, or SUV.

The new LED lamps provide brilliant illumination and longevity. Truck LED tail lights, brake lights, and turn single fixtures are a long-lasting solution to illuminating various types of trucks, jeeps, trailers, commercial trucks and more! DOT-approved round, square, and rectangular fixtures are weatherproof, shock-resistant. Shop all our great truck LED tail lights, lamps and fixtures and stay safe on and off the road.