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When needing people and other vehicles to really see you, the third break light is a must on all trucks, jeeps and SUV’s. The majority of all trucks have this third light, but after normal wear and tear they tend to all wear out in time. Instead of replacing with another stock replacement, why not go with new truck & jeep accessories like our truck LED third break light since you have gone this far. We offer a custom LED third break light replacement for trucks and SUV’s. Check out all our other custom truck parts and cool truck accessories and be seen.

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Why LED Lighting?

LED Lighting

If you are just replacing your stock rear third break light or just want to add a little extra custom truck part to your truck or SUV, the truck LED third break light technology is where you want to be. With today’s technology in truck & jeep accessories on the rise lighting companies have all had to up their game. Halogen lighting is now a thing of the past and the new dominator on the block would be you're LED lighting. The new LED lamps provide brilliant illumination, but with lower power consumption than conventional LED and halogen lamps.

They light the road with brilliant white-red color that is clearly visible to traffic behind you providing an added measure of driving safety. The lamps are compact and durable, with the cast aluminum housings and polycarbonate lenses that will fit as a direct replacement to most stock rear break light fixtures.