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TuffTruckParts.com - Suspension & Lift Kits Lifting the rear end of your truck or Jeep is a relatively simple process. truck rear lift kits and Jeep rear lift Kits will have parts from, Add leaf kits, upgraded leaf springs, longer shocks, struts and lift blocks will bring the rear to desired height. Like the front, after a 2" lift and up you may need to extend your brake lines depending on your set up. As with any spring upgrade, you will need to find the correct strut or coil spring to properly dampen your newly installed rear leaf springs or add a leaf kit. Now by increasing the distance between the axle and frame, you also will need to increase the angle of your driveshaft upward. Upgraded u-joints will compensate for the added angle from the new lift. Keep all this in mind when doing any custom truck rear lift kits or Jeep rear lift Kits upgrades to your vehicle.