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TuffTruckParts.com - BD Diesel BD Diesel Performance is unique among all its peers in performance custom truck parts in its design, manufacture and distribution. BD Diesel has a wide range of products specifically engineered for performance diesel applications like Truck Diesel Turbos and performance transmissions. BD Diesel is a name that became recognized in 1989. The company introduced the first exhaust brake for the burgeoning di. Now with a great line of performance turbos, transmissions, convertors, turbo exhaust brakes and more you get a great name with a great product. Get that truck boosted with BD Diesel.

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When you start to modify your truck or Jeep one of the most common performance related upgrades people make is to upgrade their air intake systems and exhaust. A new cold air intake kit can help...More Details »
A new Exhaust break will increase your driving confidence and towing safety in your truck or SUV with the superior performance of a BD Diesel or Banks Power Exhaust Brake. Using BD Diesel's...More Details »
When it's time to finish off your exhaust system with an exhaust tail pipe tip we have a huge selection of styles, lengths, and diameters—from 1.5-inch outlets to monster 8-inch diameter tips!...More Details »
Items 1-12 of 18

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BD Diesel's goal is to provide their customers with the absolute best diesel and turbo performance products on the market today. Their extensive 65,000 SF facility is employed by 100 highly trained individuals. The departments range from VFI fuel injection calibration department, exhaust brakes, VFI turbo chargers, BD research and many more. If your looking to add unstoppable performance in a Truck Diesel Turbo and add extra horsepower to your truck, jeep or SUV go with a BD performance product and stay in front of your competition. Go with great performance custom truck parts from BD Diesel. Warranty - Please visit this link - http://www.dieselperformance.com/warranty/bd_ltd_warr_statement.pdf