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Rigid Industries
TuffTruckParts.com - Rigid Industries Rigid Industries is your top choice for custom aftermarket LED lighting for trucks, jeeps and SUV's. Rigid lighting has a mission statement to always design and manufacture only the best forward projecting and auxiliary LED lighting products in their lighting line. Rigid Lighting will continue to lead the LED revolution with optical technology, unsurpassed quality and leading edge innovation defining the future of LED lighting. Rigid is a name that stands out above all the rest for truck, jeep, marine and off-road lighting with their extraordinary LED product lines like the E-Series, SR- Series, D-Series, R-Series and many more. Be seen on all the city streets and trails with the very best custom LED lighting in the business Rigid lighting.

More About Rigid Industries

If your looking for the absolute best custom truck parts LED auto lighting on the market Ridgid lighting is it. Their products are used by all the top professionals in off-road and on-road full race vehicles. These truck & jeep accessories light fixtures like all their Rigid Industries led lighting products have been tested in the worse desert conditions possible. If you are looking to be the Big Dog on the block it doesn't go beyond Rigid Industries. Their LED Cube, LED Bars, Driving and Spot Lights are some of the best in the market place today. You want top dog status Rigid Lighting is here! Warranty-Please visit this link - http://www.rigidindustries.com/about/warranty