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Banks power turbo products is an engineering firm established in 1958 staffed with world-class automotive professionals that design and test the latest high performance diesel turbo automotive equipment. Their Race Shop features cutting-edge diesel and gasoline truck turbo products and development on multiple turbo applications with mind-boggling horsepower. They have sophisticated electronic engineering technologies that are applied to engine improvement in the Computer Systems Engineering Department. Banks power turbo products designs banks turbos, banks programmers, Banks Exhaust and turbocharged engines from the center line of the crankshaft and up. For an amazing horsepower upgrades go Banks Power. This is one custom truck parts company that will have you off to the races in no time at all.

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Automotive replacement performance air filters are designed to give added horsepower, performance and torque to your vehicle while providing exceptional engine cleansing and protection. These...More Details »
When you start to modify your truck or Jeep one of the most common performance related upgrades people make is to upgrade their air intake systems and exhaust. A new cold air intake kit can help...More Details »
A new Exhaust break will increase your driving confidence and towing safety in your truck or SUV with the superior performance of a BD Diesel or Banks Power Exhaust Brake. Using BD Diesel's...More Details »
Items 1-12 of 24

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Banks Power turbo products truck turbo products are known far and wide as the premier designer and manufacturer of power-enhancing products for diesel, turbo and gas-powered light trucks, motor homes, and sport-utility vehicles. When it comes to testing Banks Power engineers are as ruthless as they are uncompromising. Only the most advanced equipment and facilities are used for testing and re-testing existing products, production prototypes and experimental designs for performance, durability and compatibility. Ongoing testing ensures unparalleled functionality, product endurance and quality control in all these custom truck parts. Add massive power with all your other truck & jeep accessories with Banks Power turbo products.